• MSNBC is worse, Although both are biased, MSNBC reporters have an arrogant attitude that is unbecoming of them.

    I can barely stand to watch their channel anymore. It's not just arguing their point or opinions even, They get ignorant and rude with guests they disagree with. They come across with a snarky, Sarcastic attitude that one would expect from freshmen students. . It sounds so juvenile and entitled. They think they're convincing viewers by being pompous and belittling ppl, Their entire network is a condescending laugh track. Report the news, Have valid points (not points out of context & dramatized), At least try to appear unbiased and professional. If you can never give the right-sided ppl a bone once in a while it looks like a desperate agenda. Lets be real whatever side you're on, Both sides can't ALWAYS be wrong. That goes for both channels -- but MSNBC leaves a bad taste in my mouth; nothing but pure hatred and ugliness. It sickens me. Knock off the race and gender card, We're beyond that. Come up with something new for a change you're losing viewers

  • Both are biased, MSNBC stunningly so

    As an "around the world" news junkie, I would say that most news outlets are left leaning. While Fox is clearly biased towards the right, They will still actually report on stories that don't have anything to do with our current president, Previous president, Or anti left sentiments. MSNBC is nothing but pure hatred for President Trump and anyone or anything that is even remotely right leaning about anything. Anyone who thinks MSNBC, CNN etc. Aren't doing their damnedest to manipulate and sway public opinion every bit as much as Fox does (if not more so), Isn't stepping back and looking at the broader picture through an "unbiased" lens

  • MSNBC is bad

    I wish there was someone on there that could be open honest and keep their OPINIONS to themselves. It's so bad I can't stand to watch it. As long as the guest is saying what they want to hear and are bashing the republicans it's all smiles. Neither side is perfect and they both need to grow up! Neither want to work with each other there is so much hate in our government it's embarrassing. If there was one news channel that would give it to me straight without taking sides I'd be all over it.
    Watching MSNBC live wow what a joke! Thought I'd check it out today and I could not make it more than 15 min due to all the nasty hate spewing from this lady and her guest.

  • Bias is Bias

    It is true Fox news is biased but MSNBC is, in fact just as bad if not worse.If anything the internet has accelerated the rumor that "Fawx is rong bout' errything" for instance during the CNN debate when Anderson Cooper said to Bernie Sanders "you honey-mooned in the Soviet Union" MSNBC said that FOX had misreported by saying that when it was in fact,true.MSNBC is the equivalent of the "National Enquirer" of news.

  • MSNBC is not news just opinions from idiots

    Just a bunch of num nuts spewing garbage to the masses and people are dumb enough to believe it all. Don't forget all the important news worthy events that have been left out of their reporting because it doesn't fit their agenda. What a bunch of sell outs for not reporting the truth!

  • Both Are Partisan Mouthpieces

    Both MSNBC and Foxnews are partisan mouthpieces, as their "reporting" illustrates. If someone says Fox is much worse, they are most likely Democrats and strongly partisan; likewise, if someone says MSNBC is much worse, they are likely Republicans and strongly partisan. In both cases, an individual claiming one mouthpiece as more reliable and less biased than the other probably ingests a lot of that mouthpiece's "information".

  • Both Are Partisan Mouthpieces

    Both MSNBC and Foxnews are partisan mouthpieces, as their "reporting" illustrates. If someone says Fox is much worse, they are most likely Democrats and strongly partisan; likewise, if someone says MSNBC is much worse, they are likely Republicans and strongly partisan. In both cases, an individual claiming one mouthpiece as more reliable and less biased than the other probably ingests a lot of that mouthpiece's "information".

  • In a sense, it is.

    I wouldn't say MSNBC is as bad as Fox, but they are both corporate news stations out for profits as opposed to truth. Corporate media groups like Fox often defend their lies and misinformation in court arguing they are simply an entertainment station. This should be viewed as admission of lying.

  • It's Just As Bad

    MSNBC is just as bad as Fox News. Both are ridiculous biased and tell lies to the people. If you watch the news then read the paper you will get completely different details on a story. These spins are not necessary and they should be ashamed of themselves. It is wrong.

  • They are both extremely biased.

    Both of them have very one sided hosts who ridicule the other side and only present positive stories that support their own narratives, which selecting negative stories to portray the opposing views as bad. I don't think one is any better or worse than the other in terms of journalistic integrity.

  • People who say MSNBC is as as bas fox news just watch fake news

    Don't listen to the ignorant conservative/Russian trolls trying to scam this pol. This is real news as opposed to the state-run propaganda machine that is Faux News. The only problem with MSNBC is their streaming service sucks. They need to improve their online streaming quality and run more servers to handle the work load

  • MSNBC is much worse

    They are the worst news channel that has ever existed. No wonder their ratings are so low. Only a few million people even watched them on election night to begin with. While I agree that Fox News is extremely biased and right-wing, MSNBC is worse in literally every way possible.

  • I can watch MSNBC for a bit but the slant gets overwheleming. I can't watch Fox at all.

    Actually the thing I notice most is the MSNBC are nice ia a way I enjoy. Fox folks are mean and nasty. I wish I could be nore eloquent in the aruguement but to me is is about tone of voice, snark, and Fox treating people like they are stupid adn call people liars. It's weird.

  • The debate was like something from a horror show will never watch fox again

    You give a good review to a women who sent jobs out of the country and laid off 30,000 people and lost her job and can't believe this is who fox thinks is great people are tired of the media trying to pick our president the debate should have been making our country great instead it was a horror show which means it is something one will never want to watch again

  • No. Not quite.

    MSNBC os blatantly, patently biased in favor of the Democratic Party. But it does not distort, spin and straight up lie about news stories the way Fox News does.

    If anything, the major issue with MSNBC is that it portrays the Democratic Party as being a left-wing, social democratic party when it is just as beholden to corporate influence as the GOP.

  • MSNBC is Not as Bad as Fox News

    MSNBC is not as bad as Fox News because Fox News is more politically bent, is tied very strongly to the Republican party, and has had at least five presidential hopefuls on their paid staff. Additionally, they donated $1 million to the Republican Governor's Organization. While MSNBC may be opinionated, they report the news and give their opinions. They do not employ potential presidential candidates or pay any political party.

  • Falisfying News Reports

    Fox went to court to falsify news reports and they're causing unnecessary hysteria and lies along with the fact that a study showed that people who watch fox are less informed than those who watch no news at all. So, fox is an abomination to the "news" stations out there and should be rid of.

  • Not by a long shot.

    Both news outlets have slants on most of their programming, this is true. However, MSNBC cannot compare to the extreme bias that comes out of FOX News. FOX News used to promote Tea Party rallies on their network. Not just promote them by saying that they were happening, but they were actually organized by the FOX News hosts. FOX News also peddles Republican lies about the Democrats and the current president. An example of that is the trip that President Obama took that FOX News reported the taxpayers would pay $200 million dollars a day to go on. They also said he was taking a large chunk of the United States Navy with him on the trip. This was completely untrue and absolutely unrealistic. FOX News continued to run with the story and never issued a retraction or an apology. This is just like when FOX News ran with the "Death Panels in Obamacare" story. Also completely untrue, but never retracted and apologized for.

  • MSNBC is not nearly as bad.

    I have to quote Jay Adler here, because he says it best: "MSNBC is left leaning. It is predisposed, philosophically inclined, to the left. It has a liberal bent. It has, however, no record like FOX of intentional distortion and deceit, of manipulation of the facts, of coordinated campaigns against political opponents, of mixing their contractual on-air staff and host ranks with those of active political campaigners, of employing current Super PAC fundraisers and coordinators as on-air analysts who actually influence live decision making in calling elections.
    That is not a bent. That is a bias – prejudicial, misleading, and false. MSNBC sees the world left and reports, believing it true, what it sees. FOX News knows what it wants its viewers to see and manipulates the elements of a story and shapes its narrative so that viewers well have that vision."

  • MSNBC is better than Fox News hands down!

    MSNBC has more relevant news than FOX News.Their news broadcasts are not filled with fluff. They provide a variety of news topics from around the world. Their reporters seem to be unbiased and they give all sides of the story. FOX News is boring and dry. They do not give the variety of news stories that MSNBC does.

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