• they have no far right conservatives

    Fox news has far left liberals like Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, and Alan Colmes. I dont think MSNBC has any far right conservatives. On some of MSNBC shows like the cycle which is a failed spin off of The Five on fox news. On the cycle they have a conservative who is barely a conservative, SE Cupp. On Fox News the five they have the far left liberal Bob Beckel. When Bill O'Reilly brings on guests to debate the topic he brings on one conservative and one liberal and sometimes only brings on a liberal and he debates them himself. Sean Hannity does the same. MSNBC the ed show, Ed Schultz brings on 3 liberals and 0 conservatives and sometimes has 2 liberals and 1 conservative and sometimes attempts to debate a conservative and usually gets owned. Dont forget Fox used to have a show Hannity and Colms. Where a far right conservative, Sean Hannity often debated his far left liberal co host Alan Colms. That right there should show that MSNBC is far more Biased than Fox news

  • Far too left for my taste

    MSNBC has been known for its far left-wing appeal and attacks on FOX and republicans, while also defending corrupt democrats in office. On Fox there can be bias, yes there always is, but it is not propaganda or a brainwashing tool by the right-wing. The truth is that MSNBC is unreliable no matter what people say about FOX MSNBC is worse.

  • No, MSNBC uses the same model as Fox News

    The model that both media companies use is a combination of cheerleading, pseudo-analysis, and selective story-telling. I would never expect either company to tell a lie, but you can sway opinion by what story you emphasize and both organizations do that. As a person with a center-left point of view, I have no use for MSNBC. Bring me ALL the news.

  • MSNBC blatantly biased

    MSNBC sickens me, the way they constantly resort to personal attacks upon those whose views are opposed to theirs. The proof of that has been the rash of apologies by, and releases of the offending "hosts". I'm talking particularly about Ed Schultz, Martin Bashir(fired) and Chris Matthews. Guests with opposing views rarely appear on MSNBC. They intentionally choose to present only one side of an argument, how can they be taken seriously?

  • Tell The Truth

    MSNBC's hosts spew hate and try to act as superior all-knowing beings. They belittle the conservatives and do it with wise cracks and ill humor. They are not journalists, they are 4th class comedians which I do not appreciate. What I find obscene is that there are people out there that believe their insanity. Unbelievable! Let the facts speak for themselves and leave the personal attacks and ideals off the air. They will never tell both sides of a story, they will always cover for Obama and the democratic party in general. It's pathetic.

  • MSNBC is biased

    Yes, FOX news leans to the right, but they do have liberals and they usually cover both sides of the issue. On the other hand, I don't think I have ever seen one conservative view on MSNBC. They are so liberal and are 100% biased. It is a journalistic shame and they should be shut down.

  • Fox News brings in multiple perspectives on their shows.

    On multiple occasions each day, I notice that several people (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, just to name a few) bring far-left liberals on their shows to talk about respective issues with the U.S. Obviously, the issues will be different, but Fox News opens up and ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGES democrats. MSNBC does none of that. When they DO, they ALWAYS bring at least one more liberal to knock the conservatives' POV down. There are also NUMEROUS other reasons why Fox News has less bias. Obviously, they're biased, but AT LEAST they open up and RESPECT the liberals that are on their shows, even if they intend to break their stance (which they do sometimes). MSNBC is a DISGRACE on this front, and in others, but I don't have the time to name them, as I'd be writing a BOOK by this point. That's all.

  • Yes, by far it is.

    Although Fox News has conservative personalities on air, I still believe they are generally somewhat fair and also offer alternative perspectives on their shows. What I've seen from MSNBC is that they simply report from a far left perspective and believe that no other opinions are valid or even worth hearing from.

  • MSNBC reports far more opinion than other stations

    Only about 15% of their programming is actual news, the rest is all opinion; this is far higher than Fox News, which has about a 46-54 split, and CNN, which has a 55-45 split. MSNBC publicly acknowledges they have a left-wing bias with the 'Lean Forward' slogan. They selectively edit to fit their agenda.

    Posted by: TN05

    All of them get thrills up their legs when talking about Obama, and the farthest right leaning person they'll put on is dummy Meghan McCain. Nothing but socialist propaganda. Fox however, will have people from NAACP, ACORN, the Democratic Committee, and other liberal group reps on as well as liberal dems. MSNBC SUCKS

  • Fox News' "news" isn't even reported from an unbiased stance.

    Honestly, they don't even pretend to be unbiased. During the Presidential campaigns, their commentators routinely used the phrase "our candidate", their news reporting consistently gets slammed by independent fact-checking organizations like Politifact as incorrect, misleading, or biased. They have a distinct Christian Right agenda, and their personalities are possibly the most offensive on TV.

  • Rasmussen Polling Numbers

    I used to watch Fox News and curiously always noted they would rely heavily on Rasmussen polling numbers. I didn't have a problem with it until Mr. Rasmussen actually came on to be interviewed on Fox and Friends one morning. It was then that I realized their polling numbers were skewed to reflect a biased conservative view. Mr. Rasmussen ripped into the Democratic party without apology and this told me they were never "Fair and Balanced" as they would like for their viewers to think they were. I'm not defending other news agencies as many of them as just as bad leaning a certain way. A news agency is supposed to be neutral when reporting news otherwise it's just a dog and pony show.

  • Fox news is purposeful propaganda

    The entirety of Fox News *may* bring in other perspectives, and not openly be bias, however, they are completely dishonest about everything. MSNBC is openly bias. Turn on Rachel Maddow and she'll immediately tell you shes a lesbian liberal woman. Turn on Bill O'Reilly and he'll purposely distort the truth (such as claiming U.S. Troops violated rules of war by murdering Nazi soldiers when it was the exact other way around) and then not only refuse to apologize, but even go so far to repeat his mistake (in the example above, multiple times even). I would say that MSNBC is either less or equally bias, however the level of truth you gain from watching it is far better then watching Fox report a Republican in scandal as a Democrat.

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bobmead1960 says2013-04-05T19:32:18.450
I would garner to say, that they are not just more biased they are more WRONG, INACCURATE, FALSE, RACIALLY PREJUDGICE, LIARS, ADVOCATING A CERTAIN VEIWPOINT, DISFUNCTION, NON-NEWS WORTHY, AND IRRELEVANT. Think that is a good start. But other than that they have a nice studio.