• Who controls it.

    They people owning and controlling it have a very questionable ideological bias, So don't expect much good to come out of them, As usual.
    ViacomCBS is a publicly traded company, Owned by shareholders. Controlling stock in the company is owned by a private company called National Amusements. The owners of National Amusements are the Redstone family, Led by Viacom founder Sumner Redstone and his daughter Shari Redstone. National Amusements also owns a chain of movie theatres in the US and UK.
    Viacom originally acquired CBS in 2000. In 2006, Viacom and CBS were split into separate corporations, Each with National Amusements owning controlling shares of both companies. In 2019, They merged back together into one company, Taking the new name ViacomCBS.

  • MTV frames bad behavior as profitable and desirable

    There's a very big difference between shows that have nasty people/situations in it and shows that build its foundation on nasty people/situations, The latter made even worse when it's framed as "reality". The message being sent from the terrible things done and said throughout these shows is that these are real people doing real things and you could just as easily be one of them and that doing so will bring you money and fame. It normalizes selfish, Shortsighted, Childish, Aggressive, Abrasive, Ignorant, Overindulgent nonsense and it's all in service of making the executives of MTV the most money possible regardless of the harm being caused both to participants and viewers.

  • Why mtv is the worst

    MTV has the worst content for everyone it sends people the wrong message of what's right and whats wrong. A lot of their shows only talks about sex and nothing else, I rather be watching news then watching that shit and those are facts, Hope one day the will delete they will delete that channel for good.

  • Yes MTV is evil

    MTV has always promoted Evil. From its very inception it has promoted rebellion, Promiscuously, Abortion, Homosexuality, And “Drug Culture”! It is anti-Christian! It is anti-western civilization! And any parent that lets their children watch it is a moron and the degenerate Who is about to be rewarded with a pregnant teen and dysfunctional adult children that live at home forever! ( hey cool parent who just wants to be your kids friend! Ya you! Don’t cry to everyone else about it, You were a fucked up parent and you fucked up Your kids and it’s forever your problem. )

  • How Far Is Too Far, MTV?

    I was mortified when i caught the first 3 minutes of Floribama
    Shore How you as a network perpetuate this behavior and broadcast it is above and beyond human decency

    Didn't you learn enough from the tragedies on your reality/scripted shows?
    You are single-handedly dumbing down our youth by promoting this behavior. All funds should be removed for perpetuating and condoning this trash.

  • MTV is absolute GARBAGE

    It's amazing that they get away with it. . All they do is promote drugs, Profound alcoholism, TEEN pregnancy, Sex with random strangers, Etc. . . And they try to teach the kids that all those behaviors are cool. And when are they going to change the name as they play zero music on that channel anymore! It's think MTV should be banned. It's absolute garbage. And I'm no prude!

  • MTV disgusting behaviour

    I agree that MTV is most certainly promoting bad behaviours in teens, all to line their own pockets. They should be ashamed of themselves and have crossed the line massively! I don’t know why these so called millionaire companies which to ruin this world and the lovely people in it but exploiting such bad behaviours to our children’s future... Should be shut down!!

  • No sense of responsibility

    There is no research to support an opinion on this issue one way or the other. I would offer however that going from a decent kid to a bad behaving one takes more than a television show to make that occur.
    Most bad behavior is from physical environment and circumstance and not the illusionary one on television. MTV and some of the other reality programming can certainly make it seem like they have a bad influence but they would only be a small part of the problem if at all. There is no personal accountability for anything anymore and people have become demanding, rude, and self righteous.
    Parents raise your children to respect others of all groups and to help others in need. Children do as your told and treat others like you would want to be treated.

  • Mtv is run by satanists trying to brainwash generations and leading them to a destructive lifestyle.

    The demons behind this brainwashing teen channel are part of a bigger order.
    Satanism, occults, abuse, murderand the list goes on and on.. Those watching that channel are lost. They should not just ban that network but lock them all up in abu ghraib. They're responsible for the manipulation of our youngsters.

  • Glorifies Teen Sex

    Mtv has done nothing but glorify teen sex!! It does nothing to stop it! They are showing teens that it is ok to go and party and have sex with any random person that they see!!! Mtv should be barred forever! Because more teens have been tested positive for STDs than in past years!!

  • '16 and Pregnant' Discourages Teen Pregnancies

    MTV doesn't promote bad behavior in teens. Bad parenting promotes bad behavior in teens. Plus, after the "16 and Pregnant" series aired, teen pregnancies actually decreased despite headlines about "pregnancy pacts" and other shenanigans to try to get the attention of television producers. Despite the seemingly glamorous lives and huge paychecks for the show's stars, getting pregnant in your teenage years is not a good idea. Humans don't live to age 40 anymore.

  • No it is not.

    I do not believe that MTV is promoting bad behavior in teens. I think they are the ones that air the show "Teen Mom". It has been shown that this show actually makes teenagers not want to get pregnant. So, MTV good actually be promoting good behavior in teens or having no effect at all.

  • No, it is entertainment.

    No, MTV is not promoting bad behavior in teens, because MTV has existed for years. Throughout MTV's existence, teenagers have been teenagers. Each generation is no better or worse than the ones that came before them. Adults will never understand the entertainment choices of the youth. But young people are not heavily influenced by what they know is just entertainment.

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