• It got rid of my allergies, And I feel much better

    Colon cleansing and coffee enemas has gotten rid of my itchy hives that I used to get in summertime every year. I also never get sick now (I used to get sick every 2 weeks or so). Doctors couldn't fix it, Only able to suppress it. I have been doing daily coffee enemas for nearly 3 years now and I feel better and better every year. There are black sticky stuff that comes out but not every time, I'm not sure if it's technically 'mucoid plaque' but it looks a little like it, Except it's not so much. It seems to come out on a cycle/every now and then. Enemas might not be for everyone due to the idea of putting something up your bum, But it certainly changed my life. You just need to have common sense when you're using it (i. E. Don't over do it, Don't use hot mixture, Start in small amounts, Research a lot, Etc), And be listening well to your body.

  • Mucoid plaque is scientific fact.

    What mucoid plaque is, in actuality, is a mixture of necrotic epithelial cellular debris, fibrin, and mucus what conventional medical science calls, most commonly , "mucoid cap". Open up a familiar textbook on wound healing used by nurses and ER doctors and you will see that necrotic cellular debris and fibrin, which may be referred to as "eschar" or "slough", is black, blackish-green, brown, grey, or yellowish, and has a leathery, rubbery, mucoid and stringy texture. This is the exact same color and texture that Dr. Richard Anderson claimed mucoid plaque to be. Dr. Richard Anderson messed up on the definition of mucoid plaque and does not know what he is talking about unfortunately.

  • Western median is one of thee most harmful, myopic, arrogant systems out there.

    Western median is one of thee most harmful, myopic, arrogant systems out there. In a healthy food system of healthy people, and healthy environment the mucus plaque remains generally healthy. The rest of the time it harbours toxins, pathogens, parasites and blocks nutrient absorption. Alternative medicine is real medicine, was here first for thousands of years, Western medicine adds in poison to its healing (natural) treatments/pills so it can be patented for cash (which is what kills) and when left natural, does not kill in the hundreds of thousands every year, like mainstream medicine does. Dr's are manipulated by tobacco science and turned into unwitting drug pushers. It's not a debate, the evidence is in in full, it's a political war over money. Main stream medicine kills, alternative heals.

  • People like it

    A lot of people like this type of treatment, and a lot of people swear by it and says it helps, so yes I would say that it is a credible treatment, just because so many people like it. Whether or not something works depends on what the people think.

  • It's junk science.

    For those who might be unaware, mucoid plaque cleansing is a polite term used to describe the alternative health procedure known as colon cleansing. And as with all alternative health or medicine practices, if it really worked, we would just call it medicine. It's about as credible as astrology or tarot cards.

  • Physicians Do Not Agree

    I do not believe mucoid plaque cleansing is a credible practice. Doctors have indicated that products sold over the Internet for mucoid plaque cleansing more than likely create the so-called plaque that it is removing. Furthermore it is deemed normal and healthy to have mucus in the digestive tract and removing it can be harmful.

  • Colong Cleansing is not a credible practice.

    Colon Cleansing is healthy. However, it can be done without all the shenanigans and tubes. There are products on the market that can do the same thing, and for a fraction of the price. Try living on a juice diet for ten days. Your body begins to find things to digest, and that mucoid plaque is one of them. The problem is not a mucoid plaque buildup in your colon. The problem is that you do not eat healthy enough for your body to combat all the crap you stuff in it.

  • No, it isn't.

    I cannot find any medical literature supporting the practice of mucoid plaque cleansing. Maybe in a few years it will be recognized as something legitimate, but as of right now there is no evidence deeming it worthy of people's money or time. Things like this need to be verified several times.

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