• Absolutely without a doubt.

    Muhammad Ali is definitely the best boxer of all time. His attitude, his "panache", and his showmanship were inspiring and unique. He kept audiences mesmerized with his energetic performances and his running dialog. Muhammad Ali was a confident black man at a time when there were not many. He was looked up to and admired by a generation.

  • He was the greatest.

    Yes, Muhammad Ali is the best boxer of all time, because he won some amazing matches. He was also not a flash athlete that won a few matches in a short time. His legacy lives on, and he even lit the Olympic flame in 1996. When you think of boxing, you think of Muhammad Ali.

  • Yes, I think Muhammad Ali is the best boxer of all time.

    Overall I believe that Muhammad Ali will go down in history as best boxer of all time both due to his boxing skills and due to his name is known throughout the world, I believe name reconginition is very important when determining who is the best boxer of all time.

  • He wouldn't beat the modern boxer

    If ali boxed today he simply wouldnt have enough power to win. He was a showman and the fact he repeatedly said that he was the best made everyone believe it. Foreman should have beaten him in rumble in the jungle if he wasn't poisoned and the ropes weren't tampered. Also, the 2nd time he fought liston he had liston's wife kidnapped which just shows the type of person he is. He had a big character which carried him.

  • No, Ali is not the best boxer of all time.

    I do not believe that Muhammad Ali is the best boxer of all time. I think that there are a lot of boxers in history that can be considered better than him. While he may not have been the best boxer of all time, he can be considered one of the best in the sport of boxing.

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