• Take Care of Our Own Backyard

    Multilateral aid is too costly because not all the aid gets into the right hands. If there are emergency situations, I'm all for giving aid to other countries. However, multilateral aid is too wasteful. Taxpayers, especially in America, need to take care of our own backyard with plenty of homeless and hungry people who need jobs first rather than giving money to other countries who need to have their own issues dealt with by their own governments.

  • aid too costly

    The negative scenario results from a U.S. that fails to rise to its current challenges. Great powers decline when they fail to address the problems they recognize. U.S. growth could slow to an average of 1.5 percent per year, if that. The knock-on impact on the world economy could be a half-percent per year. The shift in the perception of the U.S. as a descending power would be more pronounced.

  • Multilateral aid is costly but worth it.

    In order to organize many nations into one cause, there is some funding provided by member countries which must be donated to the administration. That is the argument against multilateral aid. The organization of those funds and administration of the delivery is much more costly than direct aid. However, direct aid lacks the ability to compete with the volume of Multilateral aid and thus is a less practical option.

  • No, it lets modern countries help more with less money

    Multilateral aid, such as that loaned by the World Bank, is
    not free. However, it is both a cheaper and a more efficient way to help than is
    unilateral aid. When they give multilateral aid, the countries involved do not
    duplicate one another’s efforts. Their aid is coordinated by any agency to suit
    the recipient country’s needs, without overspending. Multilateral aid is an
    excellent way for modern countries to help people who live in the less
    developed countries to escape poverty.

  • aid too costly

    I personally disagree,The Committee gave me a good opportunity to explain this, though I am not sure I persuaded them. Here is why I think the big multilateral aid organisations through which the vast majority of multilateral aid is spent – such as the World Bank, European Union, regional development banks, and larger global funds such as GAVI – are generally more efficient than bilateral aid.

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