• Murder is fine

    Everyone's going to die anyways. Then everyone who cared about them will die and no one is going to remember them or care. A wise man once said "We all die. You either kill yourself or get killed." In short, you don't matter. So if killing people is fun for you, go ahead.

  • Is it Truly Murder?

    The loss of a human being creates enormous grief upon the people close to the them, and the act of a murder is considerd to be detrmental to the good order within society. Most societies both from the beginning of time, up until now, have considered it a most serious crime worthy of some of the harshest of punishments imaginable. So the death itself is a terrible thing but if it is to defend your self, or something you hold dear, you should fight for your life, even with all the modern comforts of society this life we live. This is all just basically survival and if something threatens your survival you will do what it takes to survive.

  • Yes, Murder Is Sometimes Acceptable

    Yes, murder can be acceptable in certain circumstances. One major example is in the case of self-defense. A person should not have to worry about being prosecuted for simply protecting themselves orheir family. Another instance in which I believe murder should be allowed is if a person is being abused physically or sexually. Sometimes the only tool these victims have is to permanently get rid of their abusers.

  • The right to be human

    Some symetry should be the base of human relations. When someone - individual or group - denies you the right to live, or the right to be respected as a human being, I find it acceptable to behave the same way. The purpose is not to become as bad the other one, but at least to refuse to be sheep for the wolf. By standing and being ready to fight, including to kill, we demonstrate our humanity.

  • Yes it is

    In Colorado they have a law called "make my day" so if someone breaks into your home without permission you are able and can use deadly force. So in this case it is totally, 100% possible that murder is acceptable it may not be to other people but it is to the government in the state of Colorado!!!!!

  • In some cases...

    Murder is defined as the unlawful or brutal killing of a human, in a premeditated manner. Governments around the world 'murder' potential or current threats to protect the people of their country, for the 'greater good'. These are the people who set examples to the public, showing us that in some cases murder is acceptable.

  • Not in cold blood.

    Murder is acceptable for the greater good. When it's one life for 5, when someone threatens a group of people, or anything of huge importance; it is acceptable. It is difficult to say when it's a 1 on 1 situation. In self defence I understand this, but it depends HOW MUCH you are threatened when the act is committed. If you are pitted against a stranger, he is trying to kill you, it's you or him, I think you deserve to live. As it was him that took the risk and tried to commit the act on you and you are the innocent, the one who never should die at that point.

  • Sometimes.

    If we define Murder as the premeditated killing of another human being, then yes. here are many thought experiments and scenaos one could think of where the majority of people would answer Yes to both the question if they maybe would have murdered in case they found themselves in such situation AND the questin if they would accept if someone else wouldo so. If even one such scenario could or has happened in the real world the we have at least one case where it in fact was acceptable.
    The vast majorities of Murder however, are not.

  • Depending on the Definition

    Murder has some specific definitions in the courtroom, but when most people think of murder they really just think of one person killing another, just not in war time. Based on that definition, there are definitely cases where murder is justifiable. One of the easiest cases is to stop a mass murderer or mass shooting (think Aurora, Colorado). What if one of the theater goers was also packing heat and was able to shoot that crazed lunatic between the eyes as soon as the attacks were happening? Would we consider that movie goer as a murderer for ending one life, or as a hero for protecting a theater-room full of lives?

  • It is fun

    Killing is fun qengjk b duisbd d d d d d d d d d d dd d d d d d d dd dd dd d d dd d d d d dd d dd d dd d d dd d d dd d d d d d d

  • All lives matter

    Murder is killing with malicious forethought. A murder brings grief to the victims family. We are no one to take a life. And if you think that it is acceptable then i feel that you should experience how losing a loved one feels like. Murder leads to violence and if u feel that someone is not deserving enough to live you should complain against them rather than taking matters in your own hand. And it will always lead to more and more chaos. It is always unacceptable.

  • No it is non

    I think it is bad cuz like ppl are all gucci. We should be cool to the other ppl. As lil pump sqaid, flex like ouuu. We hsould all be moar woke, and be cool to the other ppl in the world. If u kill a dude, you are not gucci. Stay gucci

  • Murder is not OKAY!

    God gave us a life for a reason, God isn't happy seeing people killing each other. Look at us! This world has turned into HELL, 360 degrees turn from good to bad. WHY?!? Hey listen, there might be more bad people in this world, but u good people have God with u, God loves u...

  • Does it make you feel any better

    No it doesn't if you kill the murderer then you just as bad as him/her. It definitely doesn't have a positive role model to young children that may watch the news or listen to the radio. So it is never ok to murder. Do not ever murder any person ever.

  • A human life maters

    Someone may murder someone.However it never gives you the right to kill him. If you kill him, is ot going to make any difference? Is it going to make you feel good? If it does make you feel good, how will their completly inocent children will feel? Now that you rhougbt about these questions, ask yourself again. Is murder EVER acceptable.

  • The best thing to do

    Killing, murdering whatever it is, it's fun and helps the population from going out of control. I killed 13 people and it was my favourite thing in my life, its soooooooo fun, you guys should try it sometime! I am also planning on killing 10 more people before I die, so watch out! I live in California U.S.A and I am 26 years old. I only kill people capable of defending themselves, for more of a challenge. 5 of those people were cops and 3 of them were armed. I'm very very dangerous so be careful, I can track any one of you.

  • Taking lives is never the answer

    Unless it's an act of self defense, murder is only an act of evil. Even when that person has killed many others, it doesn't make doing it to them right. It just makes you no different from them. Humans are not wise enough to decide whether or not another human lives or dies. It's a matter of ego.

  • No it is not.

    Murder is never acceptable it is wrong and immoral. No one should ever be given the right or ability to take another persons life, it is not our place to decide who is good enough and who is not. That will start a vicious cycle of killings and contradictions that are terrible.

  • Murder is not the right word...

    A lot of people have said that murder is okay in some situations, where you or someone else (incapable of defending themselves) is in danger, but that is most definitely not what murder is. Murder is the act of killing someone with malicious forethought, or in other words, you thought about killing this person beforehand. Murder is also the act of killing someone inhumanly or barbarically. So really, murder is never okay, but defending yourself or someone else will ALWAYS be commended.

  • Murder in the Defintion is Never Acceptable.

    Murder is "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." If one plans out and murders another human being against law, it's never acceptable. Murder isn't the death penalty, government assassinations, movement in war, or self defense. Murder is the premeditated killing against law. None of the previous mentioned are against the law in our society. Those are acceptable in morally good circumstances, on the other hand, murder is never acceptable in any circumstance.

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