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  • R u serious

    It should be a law to listen to music as a baby to an old person. Music helps ppl get through stuff, relax, relieve stress, calm down, or just straight up for fun. Music is literally like one of the best things that ever came into this world(besides jesus) !

  • Why would it be bad>

    Music is brilliant for kids as it allows them to express themselves through the genre they choose to listen to if it be rock, rap, jazz or classical. It's been this way for decades now and it hasn't badly affected a vast majority of kids, so why would it now?

  • Who would think that

    Really music is bad for kids are you kidding me!!!!! To be honest why would someone think music is bad for there kids??? Music is some kids gateway to not care about there worries. Kids today are put under to much pressure about tests and grades so music just takes them away from all of the worries and struggles.

  • Music is beautiful.

    It's the type of music that you feed your kids. From a young age, I chose to cut off a lot of music simply because it didn't add any value to my spirit. It's all entropy. The once great harmonies that shaped music is the past has been replace by noise- disorder. But it's what this generation is used to. Meaningless lyrics that now only talk about lust, money, drugs and alcohol. But not all music is like this.

    To conclude: music is very powerful in building one's mind and soul. It's a companion for life; the sad and joyful moments. It would be a shame to cut that out of life.

    What does this make you feel?

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