• Really depends on the type of music

    Personally, I'm more of a metal and rock lover. These genres help me wake up in the morning to start school, they help me relax during school, and are just fun to listen to after school. Without this kind of music, I would be stressed 24/7. So, I guess for me personally music is very helpful. It does vary person to person though. Music is my life; from marching band to just chilling with my drum set, it's really what gets me through my day.

  • It helps you focus

    It depends on what kind of music your listening and also on the type of person. Most people want to listen to music and do homework because it helps them focus on what they are doing. When you aren't listening to music the distractions come from the noises around you, that's why it's better to have music to block it out.

  • Music is very helpful in all ways

    Music is very helpful because it influences the way we do things. When I am doing homework, I often listen to Christmas music because it lifts my spirit and it also just makes me do things that I do not usually do. I love music with all of my heart.

  • Music is helpful

    Your question is difficult to cast a vote on. I vote yes in terms of it being helpful, as I don't believe it is bad. For a start, think of how the music industry helps the economy - it is huge. Without music, there would be a huge loss in the economy. And not even in terms of CDs or production of music - just look at how many people watch X-factor.

    Also, even as I write this I listen to music. Music helps me concentrate. I don't see how music can be bad, unless listened to at a very high volume. However that is down to the discretion of the listener.

    Posted by: toom
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