• Music Reaches the Soul

    Even though it's harder to feel when you get goosebumps from music you know it's reached you. Unlike movies, anyone can play music. When someone picks up an instrument they use a completely different part of their brain. Modern music may not be the best, but everyone always has their preferences. You can take music anywhere you go, when was the last time a movie could do that? Music moves people in a way that nothing else can. Yes, movies can be more entertaining and do often include music, but so much more can be expressed in a phrase of music than a scene of the same duration in a movie. Music interacts with a higher level of thinking in people, and, unlike movies, music is actually shown to increase intelligence. Students who are in music programs often do better on tests and in school. Music also heightens problem-solving and thinking outside the box. Even though movies are visual, music never fails to impress if you give it a chance. It brings new ideas and theories as emotions and gives the listener a feeling that they won't forget. The best feeling in the world is hitting a major chord with a group of people you love. That's what music is. A language that everyone understands. Something to bind humanity together. When was the last time a movie did that?

  • Movies Are Much More

    Movies can express new theories and ideas through visualization and often with sound (including music). Movies are able to help us see and visualize new experiences, while music only provides it through sound, which can often be tricky. If you watch a movie today, you will see what I'm talking about.

  • I want to go with no!

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