Is music better than what it was in the past? (both mainstream and not so mainstream)

Asked by: Marshdaze
  • If you truly believe music has gotten worse you are mentally challenged and should be put into the care of a mental hospital.

    No era of music is better than the other. I'm sick of all these oldheads saying "lol old music is better because its when i grew up". Don't try to have an opinion on something you don't understand. Everyone wants to think they understand music culture but they don't and its honestly retarded.

  • In someways it has grown.

    There are so many styles of music, so many genres and sub genres now its dizzying! You can easily find things in the same mark as the "oldies" and there are much more talented musicians in terms of skill and proficiency now than ever.

    I'm a classically trained Flutist, who also plays a little jazz. I can play essentially every woodwind, ukulele, a little of the orchestral strings, and I've taken operatic singing courses. My experience has exposed me to a lot of music (as you can imagine). If you go to any Conservatory now days, you will see how competitive music is as an industry. You don't have competitive industries without growth, even if its small.

    I think many people get nostalgic and set in their ways. It closes them to new musical experiences. Many older people think negatively about hip hop, and its because everything before was so harmonic that its just... A brave new world! Maybe its a little scary, but it is good music. A few people disliking it doesn't make it bad! Especially if the artists are selling records. Proof is in the pudding.

    I will say... I feel a little weird about micro-tonal music. I still have a little trouble wrapping my head around it. It wasn't something I grew up with! But I can see and respect the skill. It requires a greater ear than I admittedly have.

  • I think it is

    Sure, you have the music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and even before those decades, and sure you have crappy pop songs and auto tune, but even with those considered, music is great today than in the past. You just have to look for it. There are tremendous singers and musicians in today's music.

  • Only the good hits will be remembered. . . .

    Since I'm a huge classical music nerd i'm going to use classical music as an example. So most people in the classical music world will probably say: '' I like classical music because it has expression and really true intent. '' The renaissance, Baroque and classical period are far behind. So that means some works are remembered and some works aren't. Why is that. 1) with time things can get lost. 2) Only the best music was remember because it was good! There were so many people that composed music during Mozart's time. However, We only remember Mozart because he was actually good and interesting to listen to. Today, We get bombarded with music everyday. . . (of any genre) most music may seem getting worse. But the thing is. . . We get more horrible music than good music but only the good music in 10 or 5 years would get remembered. We forget about so much music because it wasn't memorable. And when we do remember thing it's either because it was good or very bad. Also for all those people complaining about the language and the sexual lyrics i'll like to remind people that Mozart composed a song named: ''Lick my ass'' so that's something you guys should check out.

    So If you have to remember something about what i just wrote. . . If you think music was better before just do a bit more digging and you shall find very bad music from same time period of the music you thought was the best. Thanks!

  • There is no best kind of music. . .

    Every era that has existed has had their own special kind of music that separates it from the others, And appeals to the people of that generation and their emotions and issues, That's what makes it popular. People focusing on their negative argument are mostly targeting rap, In which I can agree, Rap does mention violence and drugs and sex, But not all modern music does. I think every era has it's best and worsts, And that everyone appeals to what speaks to them, It's not a challenge of what is technically better or more creative, It's what speaks to the individual.

  • It's all about talent.

    (For this argument, I am comparing 80's rock to today's pop and hip hop.) Music today doesn't include real sound in their music. For example, the most popular instrument in today's culture is the computer. You might say, "They used computers to produce music in the 80's as well." 80's pop did in fact use computers, but I don't listen to pop, I am talking about Rock. Some rock/metal bands may not have been super talented, but compared to today's hip hop and pop artists, they're talented as hell. Most hip hop songs are exactly the same. Sex, money, and "I'm the shit." I will say that a lot of 80's rock didn't talk about a whole lot more than that, but there still is a lot more thought put into the songs than today's music. But personally, my biggest thing is the talent side of it. I play guitar, and it is a hell of a lot harder to play the guitar than "the computer". I have one more thought to add. How in the absolute hell is 21 Savage famous?

  • No talent required.

    In the past, to make it big in the music industry, you needed singers and musicians with real talent. One of the worst example today is rap music where the performer(s) doesn't sing or play any instrument. Now, we also have auto-tuning where it lowers the bar for those who can't sing. In the past, to make a record, you needed at least some musical talent in your group but today, you don't. Granted, solo artists have been hiring back up musicians and singers for a long time but at least in the past, they had some actual talent. Back then, even the solo artist could sing, without auto-tuning, and many/most could also play an instrument, even tho they didn't always perform with it. In the end, if it takes no musical talent, can you really call it music?

  • To much inappropriate content.

    A lot of songs today have to do with sex, money, drugs, death, or something that is not mature level. Another deal is that a lot of songs are knock-offs or copies of another. Even little children that no nothing about the drug sing snoop dog's "smoke weed every day it just isn't okay to have them sing songs about sex or illegal drug use. At least back before the 2000's everything was original.

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  • Today's music is increasingly corrupting youths by being way too sexualised for popular music

    If you go back by 40 years or so, you'll find that the popular music was at the heart, about love, friendship, and political issues. Sure there were a couple of drug songs, but not as many as today. And the ones that were about drugs, were very subtle as someone said above me. In addition to that, sex was rarely the basis of a song and if it was, it was always hinted and never straightforward.
    If you go back by 30 years more, you hear popular music that talks about simple love, picket fences, happiness, travelling, and about music itself.

    Today, the music industry is dominated by Pop (digitalised), Rap, and Indie. Aside from Indie music and some pop artists, the music industry now is also dominated African-Americans and it is in their songs that talk about sex the most.
    I'm a pretty liberal guy, I'm just stating the facts. If you really look at it, its the truth. Since African-Americans are the most prevalent and arguably have the more lewd music in the industry, this makes a lot of artists feel the need to incorporate vulgar into their own music in order to be successful. Its a cycle really

  • I like the Beatles

    Music today is way too sexual and crime-glorifying. The Beatles were too, but it was more subtle, so you couldn't easily tell. That all said, this is kind of a silly question, though, because what you like depends on what your parents and friends like, not the music's intrinsic quality.

  • Modern songs are not as good as oldies

    I am under the impression that oldies are better than modern songs. Sure there are some bad old songs and some good modern songs, but I would say in general modern music is simply not as good as old music. I personally mainly listen to music of the 60s - 80s, and I think music quality started to decline in the 90s. I will attempt to explain why I think think this way.

    I would like to compare modern music to 80s music, which I think was the best era of music ever. First of all, there was much more diversity in song styles and genres in the past. In the 80s, you had bands like Chicago and Air Supply that sang typical 80s pop songs, you had bands that incorporated rock styles such as U2, Survivor and Bon Jovi, there was still some jazz and blues from singers like B B King and Frank Sinatra, techno was also starting to rise in popularity with bands such as the Pet Shop Boys, and there were many artists and bands who could produce many different genres of music, such as David Bowie and Queen. There were simply so many different types of songs to listen to, which made the music scene refreshing and accommodating. Nowadays, however, most songs are simply categorised into "pop" and its subgenres, such as techno-pop and pop-rock. Very rarely do you see artists venture into different genres such as jazz and rock. A few I could name off the top of my head would be Michael Buble, who does some jazz, and Snow Patrol that produce alternate rock. But it's still rare to see many talented artists who sing different genres of songs.

    Also, I find modern music not as "sincere" as oldies, so to speak. This is more of a personal feeling, though. I find music of the past was much more sincere in its delivery. I just get the feeling that modern artists sing songs to try their best to be popular, to earn money or to reach the top of the song charts. But old songs weren't like that. You look at many old artists like David Bowie and Bob Dylan; they made music simply because they enjoyed it, and were sincere in their delivery. Their songs were spirited and soulful, but when they sang happy songs, you could also tell they were really enjoying themselves. Modern music just feels too artificial.

    Finally, one of the reasons why I think oldies were better was because they weren't always politically correct. It just feels like everything nowadays, especially music, has to be politically correct. You look at oldies like "Tarzan Boy" and "Don't you want me", the music video of the former is literally a half-shirtless Irish singer dancing around special effects while the latter is men who put on make-up and sing. It just feels that things were much more carefree and did not have to be politically correct to be good.

  • Depends on the artist

    When we look at the hit songs of 80s or 70s and the last year (2018) for example, Most people will probably say that old was better. Even hit singles from 2012 sound a bit better comparing to the hits of 2019, Although many people complained about them when they were first relased.

    Then moving away from the mainstream pop - I personally don't know. Instead of the new hits, I tend to listen to new indie and alternative. There's also genres such as country and punk, But I really don't now what they were and are like in the past and the present.

    Let's say that it used to be hard to find non-mainstream music, And now it's very easy using the internet. If you're like me, You will most likely stick to old hits and new songs that nobody has ever heard of.

  • No, Ofcource its not

    All music now is the same after 2000, And it has no soul. Autotune is a thing now, So no one is really at the same level as any legend before 2000. If u see a top 100 songs of all time you will probably see that 90% and more of the songs are from the 60s-90s.

  • Old music is leagues ahead compared to what we have now

    Musicians from the '50s to the '90s had to be extremely talented to win over our hearts, And the music back then were just pure art, No tricks, No computerization, And no auto tune. New music on the other hand, Just requires some good looking, Talentless people who's voices can be fixed with auto tune and do it for the money. I personally believe that older musicians are more passionate, Giving up their blood, Sweat, And tears to create something unique and beautiful, While, As I said before, Newer musicians do it for the fame and money. Genres back then were more diverse. You were given metal, Rock, Ballad, Opera, Accapella, Etc. , Even the word "mainstream" wasn't given a clear definition back then when it came to music. New music generally sounds the same, Copied over and over again, Both the lyrics, Melody and beat (there are some exceptions to this). Of course, There really are some talented and passionate new artists out there, Like Ed Sheeran and Sara Bareilles. But this small group of actually talented artists don't outnumber the legendary groups or soloists we got from the 50's to the 90's, Like Queen, The Beatles, The Carpenters, The Beachboys, ABBA, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Guns n' roses, Etc. And I could go on and on if I really felt the need to. In conclusion, New music can't even reach half the quality of classic oldies, This is most definitely a fact.

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