• Because music has the capacity to be a lifelong participatory activity

    For most players, Football ends after high school while music someone can sing until he/she dies
    music can be sang and covered by many people while sports can only be played by a certain person and the special tactics he/she had can't be covered or repeated by someone else. . . That's why i do agree music is more influential than sports

  • Yes it is

    You see music is something much more than getting on a court or a field people can express there emotions with music and it’s a truly creative art form there is so much that can be done with music the possibilities are endless, With sports you can only do certain things, There a rules and regulations, With music there are none. Music allows you to express every emotion in the book and is there when your feeling happy and want to listen to a good tune and when your sad and just want to fade away. Music is one of the most important things in the world, Music has much more fans than sports, Notice how almost everything has music, Most things don’t incorporate sports. Music is turkey more important and influential than sports.

  • Music is better

    Music is so much better than sports, Music and help you become a better person and get deep in your brain. Really only the physically athletic and play sports but anybody can listen to, Music can affect anyone, Music is much more powerful than sports, And really sports aren’t needed music is

  • Wowza This is a no brainer to me and i respect others opinions

    Why are all the sports ones just stupid and offensive? Music also strengthens connections in the brain which is very beneficial and if you're so worried about physical attributes and wellness go to the gym a few times a week and you can stay fit. Maybe even while listening to music which can inspire you to push yourself. I know music is the only reason i ever work out because it inspires me to be better.

  • Sports are for f***ing retards

    I can jerk off and lose a few pounds whee hhhee huhbuuhh ghhhegrrughh hh heee hhh but i lose a few nutrieints whe i cum, So I reabsorb into my skin SPORTS ARE THE BIG GAY. Loicker room sex wit coach, SLAP ASS games, And shower party after games. SPorts turned my son gay and now I need to jerko off hghry eeehh hhhh eeeuouu ohh babbbyy hgegnehe ehhehemdnhuiwerr frue er eueureuJ!

  • Pffft. . . . Obviously if you aren't a meathead

    Physical activity is good for you, Sure, Though sports fanatics are usually by and large complete imbeciles. Learning and playing an instrument actually requires a level of intellect above that of a jar of Vlasic pickles, So music wins out in that regard. Also, If you're a drummer, You might even benefit from a little cardio as well and not have to deal with concussions like the kids of inbred trailer trash that live in the South.

  • I prefer music over sports

    Sporting is great for physical fitness, However there is chance of getting injured severely. Music has no chance of injury as far as I know and is also good for mental and physical well being, Such as stress release, Improved hand-eye coordination (if you play an instrument), Improved thinking, Reasoning, Etc.

  • Music is more influential than sports.

    Although playing sports does involve physical movement, I believe that music is better than sports. Music allows people to express their emotions more than sports does. When you’re playing in a group ensemble I also believe that playing music takes more cooperation between everyone than when you’re playing sports. Music also increases engagement in academics for children and teens.

  • Sports are nowhere near as good as sports

    Music has teamwork, More than sports actually
    music has a good effect on tests
    music is better for test scores
    music, At my school at least, Has a predictable schedule and won't do this ridiculous overtime thing.
    Music improves confidence
    music improves reading, Language, And many other things
    music can be a hobby and not a leech sucking away ones time and energy.


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  • Sports will improve your standard of living.

    If I only focused on its influence as a consumer, music would have a greater impact on me than sport. Listening to music will trigger a sweeping array of emotion, from jubilation to disgust, which sport alone could never reach. However, participating in sport far outweighs the impacts of participating in music. Playing sport raises my standard of living, improving my attentiveness, weariness and body. With a healthier mind and body, accomplishing my life goals becomes easier. I vote for self-improvement over pleasure--In this case, sports.

  • Participating in sports can not only help us communicate with peers with the same interest but also improve our social and communication skills

    Compared with listening to music, participating in sports activities is always a good opportunity to collaborate with your teammates. On the other words,you have been forced to exchange your ideas with others in order to achieve the success. During a series of competitions, the team spirit has been established. However, listening to music which is commonly regarded as an individual activity which will isolate you with your friends.

  • Why sports are better

    Although not help the brain quite as much in some ways it helps more in others ways such as enhancing your memory and thinking skills , decrease chances of depression, creates a good habit, gets you to use characters you will need in later in life and of course is great for your body. Sports are good for your memory and thinking skills because it reduces insulin resistance, reduce inflammation and stimulates the release of growth which affect the health of brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and even raise the chance of survival for new brain cells. Sports decrease depression because it gives someone something to look forward to and you meet people. Sports/exercise is a good habit almost all the time and good habits combat bad habits and replace them. When you play by yourself or on a team you learn what defeat feels like and you work hard to bounce back which you need when you get in financial trouble or relationship problems, when you’re on a team you build trust which you need if you have co-workers. And I'm not even focusing on how sports helps you physical body

  • Wtf sports are way bhetter ten music people just dissagree because they are lazy to do sport

    Lazy people get no were in life most people in nz- new zealand are sporty then others no sports can lead to bad heath fatness lazyness you can get sick with lack of engey or air so get of ur lazy ass gat do sports and get air and communicate with others. Learn a new sport....................

  • Sport sport sport!!!!!!

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  • Sports is better

    As a person who plays several instruments as well as several sports, Sports has more benefits than music. In general, Music is more intellectually respected than sports which is not necessarily true. Both do not provide any long term stable job unless you are at the top 1% of either. However, Sports provides a higher standard of living in terms of physical fitness while also teaching values as hard work, Team-building, Persistence, And much more. Music on the other hand, Teaches those values while not offering any physical fitness. A common misconception about sports is that athleticism is purely all that is needed when in reality the ability to use your brain in sports is imperative to having success in them. Though both music and sports are equal in areas of intellect, Sports offer higher standard of living in physical fitness.

  • Omg soprtb is god

    F f f f f f f f f yes is good activity get blood moiving gfet away from type 420 diabres diabedes diabetea more who even likes music its trah dcvsxfbgfh ndgnh mdfhmfhjmgdhm gxhcujkxtcyjky f f f f f f f f f f f ff f ff f

  • Just admit ur a fat cunt!


  • I think sports is better than music and i will tell you why

    I think sports is better than music because you are more active and when your listening to music you are mostly inside your house being a lazy fat shit eating pizza or falling asleep and for sports you are way more fit and in better condition.

  • I think sports better for you.

    Sports is better for you because it keeps not only yourself healthy but the others around you as well. Also sports is a lot more enjoyable then just listening to music all day. But on the other hand music is also good for you because it puts you in a nice comfortable space and is also enjoyable. So get off your fat ass and do something for once bitch #piece out young blood

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