• It Really Is.

    The music on the radio are just repeats, and they get played so much that the ones people love become the songs people can't stand. Sometimes we just want to listen to music, not the same thing over and over. Variety is the spice of life. We need more of it.

  • Of course it is.

    There are so many songs out there and so many singles to be released, we shouldn't be listening to the same thing over and over again. It just makes me hate that artists' music. Even on other radio stations, there are still the same songs playing at the same time on different stations, it's ridiculous.

  • Very much so.

    This is probably the reason why iPods were invented. Radios stations play the same pop songs over and over again for several weeks before new songs come out that they do the same thing with. "Uptown Funk" was an OK song, at least the first 20 times I heard it. It's been played so much that it's old and annoying now, and the new songs seem to be getting lower and lower in quality.

  • Not true for every station

    Some areas have a "variety" radio station that play 80's, 90's, 2k, and today! Some of them also play rock, alternative, county, metal, and more. The top 40 stations are the main issue and these can easily be avoided. Many cities have 10+ radio stations. There is certainly no lack of choice here!

  • There are many different stations out there.

    There are all kinds of stations that play a bunch of different songs, not just the hits. There are many songs that you haven't discovered that the radio doesn't play that often. With the radio, you can enjoy a song you've never heard before. There are many songs out there.

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