Is music that is labeled as Gothic rock a primary influence on Gothic subculture?

  • What else would it have been called?

    Gothic subculture in 2014 is just a punch line that middle aged people use to talk about questionable fashion choices they made in the 90s. And yes, Gothic music was a part of it and probably less embarrassing than the clubs or clothes of the era. Otherwise, it would have been something else.

  • Reflecting upon itself

    Gothic rock music is a primary influence on gothic subculture, although the music itself is a reflection on the subculture to begin with. The gothic subculture that spawned somewhere around the early 80s was indeed part of the musical subculture of British post-punk that it originated from. As it is, music is the biggest influence on the subculture as it still stands.

  • It is a loose reflection.

    Yes, music that is labeled as Gothic rock is a primary influence on Gothic subculture, because that is the target audience where the music is aimed. Gothic rock is intended to be a reflection of the Gothic subculture, just as all music is intended for the subculture at which it is aimed. It is no different than Disney writing for children.

  • Back And Forth

    I do not believe music that is labeled as Gothic rock is a primary influence on Gothic subculture. The Gothic subculture has been around for years and people tend to float into it and then float out of it. I believe the music labeled as Gothic can influence these people, but it is probably equally influenced by the people in the subculture. It goes both ways.

  • No, not primary.

    While there is no true genre of "Gothic music", there is a type of music that has been labeled as Gothic rock. Generally, it is rock music that embodies the dark, gloomy aesthetic of the goth lifestyle. I think that gothic rock has been more influenced by goth than the other way around.

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