Is Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) effective in the 21st century?

Asked by: BaileyJ46
  • I 'think so

    . Another what? Another 20 something years or so and WW2 will have been over a hundred years ago. Eh, Point being that MAD seems as though it might have made the main powers wary of getting into big conflict with one another less they be blown to pieces. I might think though that MAD get's less effective over time as countries other than the main powers acquires bigger missiles. Not sure why I think that though, Right this second.

  • International situation has changed

    MAD was a very effective doctrine during the Cold War that may have saved the world. However, The recent rise of cyber terrorism, Corruption, And intelligence services means that MAD creates more problems than it solves. I do not believe that secondary strike capability is definite in a nuclear war situation, And therefore, Nuclear disarmament is the only option.

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