• MWonderWolf is awesome

    It's a honor to have you on my friends list. You seem like a epic person, Always be yourself and never change. Who cares if you lost more debates than you have won. At least you were in more debates than me. Here is a high five *high fives* :D

  • Sure Why not?

    I don't know who you are but I think everyone's awesome I their own way👍🏼 (I need to fill up space!) Yea yea go you IDK who you are but keep being you!! <3 (Really though I have no idea who you are this might be weird XD) :) :D

  • Ooh-kay then. CRAZY

    I consider the person who made this poll to be more awesome than I am. *blush* How exactly am I awesome? I'm not a moderator or anything like that. What did I do? Why do you think I'm awesome? You are freakin' awesome. More than me. Btw, I've actually lost more debates than I've won...

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