• Eat my ass cheeks

    Seriously my ass cheeks are waiting bitches, I will not be satisfied until they are thoroughly eated, Farted a shared out once more. If you do not comply you will be hearing from my lawyer, Otherwise known as my mom. She will put soap down your thought and step on your pp just like I saw her do to dad.

  • Hug if h

    He is the only thing that would have to go back and I don't think it's time to get the chance of winning a championship in a statement issued in my a game of rugby team to win a r the to the next few weeks days and it was a little more than one of my favorite song is amazing but it was a great way of the best you ever need

  • No, But I am not just defending them because I like then.

    Alright, Hear me out please. This people who say it's a bad influence have not heard most of their songs. Some like "Famous Last Words" and "Cancer" are some of the most powerful and inspiring things I have ever heard! There is also an existing article about MCR being good for your health. Look it up, It talks about how the kind of music MCR creates can help with stress and other life problems.

  • Definitely not!

    Just because they do a lot of heavy rock style music does not mean they are bad! The entire purpose the band was formed was to help depressed/lonely teens. A lot of their songs are about resilience, And persisting through the struggle. Reminding teenagers that whatever crap they might be going through, It would end one day. In fact, They had an entire album dedicated to anti-drug abuse! (Danger days) Not only are they definitely NOT bad influences, They just might be one of the BEST role models out there

  • They are some of the best role models

    MCR and other bands that are considered "bad influences" help a lot more than professionals . First of all, MCR support gender equality(including non-binary and transgender people). They are not violent people and they try to help people(usually teenagers)that are getting bullied and/or are going through dark times because of the people around them.They help with suicidal thoughts, anxiety,depression and other important problems more than places like school. In general in a dark world like this one, weirdos, outcasts or even the average person needs someone to tell them that everything is going to be ok, that it's not their fault and that they will get through this life.The sad truth is that we live in a world where everything is about fitting in and being normal, bands like MCR say that you don't have to fit in and that you can stay however you are. That makes them not only not bad influences but they are some of the best role models. BONUS=Their music is good.

  • My Chemical Romance is not a bad influence.

    First off, MCR creates great music with lots of meaning to it. The vocals may be loud, yes, as the instrumental, but the lyrics hold a lot of meaning. Gerard Way (lead vocalist) has written lyrics such as, "Never let them take the light behind your eyes" and "I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone." These lyrics encourage many people to stay alive.
    Another thing is, the guys, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, and Ray Toro, are all amazing people. They aren't racists or homophobes. They support everyone unless you are a bad person. They've all been through a lot, as some of them have struggled with depression, and Gee even with an alcohol problem, but have MADE IT THROUGH their difficulties, encouraging others to do the same. The guys aren't afraid to be themselves. They put so much into their music. They're amazing role models.

  • They are not a bad influence! HECK NO!!

    My Chemical Romance is the reason a lot of people have decided to stay alive! Along with many other "emo" bands. I being one of those people alive because of these people. They're amazing and deserve respect. In conclusion I do not believe that MCR is a bad influence. They are a good influence.

  • No! They are just emo....

    They are a brilliant band to say the least and their "emo" style music may prove unpopular among many adults but most of their songs are perfectly fine and show real violence when you compare them to other singers/band. Eg. Eminem, nikki minaj,. Not to mention the tv shows which are even more horrific (looking at you south park)

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