• Major life hack:

    Just light a few candles in your front door step, Chant a few dad jokes, And leave out some cookies. He'll be back by morning.

    Apparently this needs 25 more words so I'll leave a note here that this does not work on mothers. If she's gone then she's gone.

  • Sorry My Dude

    LOL! Just enter the lottery My Dude and he will come right back! HAhah hahha h hahah ahaha aha ahahahaha ha aha ah aha ah aa ahah a hahhahaha aha aha hahhahahaha hahahahhah hahahahhahah. So Sorry about your dad though. My deepest condolences my dude! We are here for you!

  • Your dad left for a reason

    If your dad said he went to get milk and its been 4 years, He ain't coming back, Seriously, Unless he couldn't find the dairy isle then thats pretty much a whole different story, One more year you would for sure know hes not coming back for you just saying doe, Seriously for sure, Yeet feet

  • He ain' comin back g

    Unfortnately, It has been nearly a decade since you father went to get the milk. I mean really, Why ould he sddeny re-appear now my guy? By all means, There is always a possibility of his reuttn, But at this point, You have to stop waiting for yo pa. Yeah g, Lorry, But it ain't happenin, Y'heard

  • Fathers never return.

    Remember Star Wars? Remember Darth Vader? Yeah. Dads don't come back. They say they missed you, They say you should join the dark side, They say that you'll regret going against them, And that you're an ungrateful spoiled brat who loves kissing their sister.

    Father. . . I'll join the dark side if you come back to me. . . .

  • I think he might

    He said he was going to get a pack of cigarettes and he never came back, But he said he would come back so he probably will. My mom says herobrine killed him, But I have never seen herobrine so i do not think he is real. Also my mom pronounced it weird. Like hero in. I think he is just stuck in traffic.

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