Is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a good show?

  • It's entertaining and educational

    It's rare to find a show nowadays that has well rounded characters, drama, humor, and the overall charm that MLP: FiM has, and still appeal to both little kids, teenagers, and adults. Each of the characters has their own distinctive personality: Applejack, an earth pony, is rational, honest, a hard worker who's not afraid of getting muddy, and family oriented. Rainbow Dash, a pegasus, is tomboyish and cares a lot about looking "cool", but she's loyal and willing to give up her dreams and happiness for her friends and loved ones. She's also one of the best flyers to come from Cloudsdale, her former hometown. (Although she once teased Twilight for reading so much, she's now an avid reader herself). Rarity, a unicorn, is loves looking fashionable at all times. She likes to look extravagant, and she's a bit of a drama queen, but she's very generous to everyone, even after her generosity was exploited. Twilight Sparkle, another unicorn, cares a lot about being organized and once didn't care about making friends; she was too busy studying. This all changed when she met her current best friends. She is also a bookworm and a brainiac (and an "egghead", according to Rainbow Dash.) Pinkie, another earth pony, is very energetic and always up for a laugh and enjoys seeing her friends smile. She also loves to throw parties and puts the joy of her friends above her. Fluttershy is shy and timid. She is very sensitive, and was once only friends with Rainbow Dash due to her constantly being bullied when she was younger. Fluttershy is also extremely kind, almost to a fault, and a bit of a doormat. She's also a pegasus like Rainbow Dash, but isn't a very good flyer. Normally, people with these conflicting personalities wouldn't dream of being friends, but the 6 of them were brought together by wielding the "Elements of Harmony"- extremely powerful magical artifacts that are used to save their world, Equestria, from certain destruction and doom. Although most of the episodes revolve around their daily lives in their town, Ponyville, most of the episodes have them learn a real moral about friendship that can apply to the real world. It can easily be waved off as "cheesy", but many of the situations they encounter can be faced in real life, the season 5 episode "Tanks for the Memories", for example, deals with Rainbow Dash trying to accept the fact that her tortoise has to hibernate for the winter. Even though hibernation isn't permanent, you can't deny that loss is a very real thing, and whether the loss is temporary or permanent, the emotions aren't any less real.

  • It most certainly is

    I used to be anti-brony for a long time, but after reading many other opinions I decided to give the show a try. Now I'm a convert of four days, and am enjoying the show. It's really not girly at all, and there's a lot to like about it. The design is great, the personalities of the characters is fun to watch, and the storylines of each episode are unique. I recommend it for anyone who's open-minded and not skeptical, and I guarantee you'll like it as well.

  • It's nothing great

    Many shows like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic have done the same team work motto for a long time now, and they have done a better job at it. Shows like Avatar The Last Airbender and even the original Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network have done this same sort of motif, also you want to know something these shows actually do that My Little Pony doesn't? They have dynamic storytelling! Another thing to add is that in these shows they have both males and females, something the main cast of My Little Pony have. I know the dragon Spike is there but he is only a one off character and has only done one or two major things. You people are so blind to this fact. It's not that relate able in the gran scheme of things. I would say it has done better than the past generations but that's not saying much. I could even write a better version of this show, in fact some fans have made better versions of this show. Hopefully it can get better but since it so much feminism it would would be hard to have a more gender balanced cartoon. It's hard in this day and age for shows to cater to these types of people who get offend over the smallest of things. In fact feminism is what killed the Avatar franchise, that's why The Legend Of Kora was such a bad show because of the SJW's and feminist infecting it. I'm just hoping for a better future.

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