• Idk is she an Anti vaxx named karen?

    All karens r big gay and they always want to speak to the frickin manager and not vaccinate their kids they r frickin fricks and they have triple gey and i don't know what else to write because there is a word limit and debate. Org has triple gay and yeah

  • MILF'S for sure.

    But not big butch mums. Who wants to watch heavyweight wrestling types at it. Ugh!
    That said. On second thoughts, A big butch girl with a giant strap on taking a delicate young mum from behind has it's own particular fascination and therefore should probably not be discouraged.
    After all being gay is merely a metaphor for erotic fantasy.

  • Yes if she get vaccinate

    If she get vaccinate she most likely gay by now. Poor kids with gay mom. Hopefully dad not gay. Otherwise bad for kids to grow up in gay home. Gay should be illegal for adults cuz no kid should grow up with gay ass parents since bible doesnt support gay

  • No u lol

    M y m o m i s h e l l a g a y s h e s u p e r g a y a n d h o m o s e x u a l a nd f a t a n d g a y

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes your mother is a homosexual and that is the truth because timmy is heterosexual and he wanted to bang your mother and your mother said no so therefore she is a homosexual a f a sd s d a d s d wa wa ds d s a d

  • Ur mom gay

    Bcsbjhdbshj bhj b bh u bjh bv jh vjh guy jh v vh v v m vj jgj v v b g jh b b b n m b jhb n bjh b n mn bjh b nmb jh b jhv g vhgvgh vhg vh gv hgv hgv vh gv

  • Your mom is not gay

    srgucknws vygnersyh yn yun ny ngyu nyu ng yugn y gyu yug vyu nyu ngy uvgn yun gyug yug yu gyu gnuy gyu v yg yu vg yug vuy uy vg y vnyu vgn yug y gyuv g yu gyugn nyu vyu vngy uvg yu vguyv

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