• Nafta has worked

    Donald Trump's anti free trade rhetoric is terrible for the American economy. NAFTA has been shown to be a success story. It has raised the standard of living for so many Americans in the 1990s and there continues to be this myth that NAFTA has outsourced jobs to other countries. This is far from the truth.
    Most of the job loss in America is caused from automation (robots) replacing manual labor, not from free trade between neighboring countries.
    Free trade, due to the economic concept of comparative advantage, has reduced prices for goods and commodities for Americans.
    Being anti-free trade will only hurt the American economy and raise prices for most consumer goods and lead to worsening relations with trading partners.
    Economic isolationism and protectionism (anti free trade) leads to reduced diplomacy between trading partners because each country is committed to reducing their mutual goals for economic growth. Protectionism leads to potential conflict due to trade wars.
    History repeats itself. Mercantilism doesn't work. The Commercial Revolution led us out of the dark ages. Trump is trying to bring us back into the Dark Ages of excessive trade wars and limited freedom of commerce.

  • First Step Towards Unified Continent

    NAFTA was the first step towards a unified North American currency and a unified North American continent. Given 50 years and better conditions in Mexico, the United States of North America will become a reality. NAFTA was a first step towards that. Goods flow freely across the borders of Mexico, Canada and the United States in a triumvirate of economic powers.

  • NAFTA good for the US?

    I believer that NAFTA is great for the US. This promotes companies within US to do business within the near areas. Since it does cost money, through taxes, to do trades to other countries overseas, it almost forces companies to keep business within North America. Sometimes it is beneficial to go overseas since labor is cheap in other areas of the world. But this free trade agreement allows businesses to make more of a profit by keeping it within the continent.

  • The closest thing to equality we currently have

    NAFTA is as many will tell you not enough to keep the trade market in a place that satisfies all parties, but we'd certainly be worse off without it. The importing and exporting doors that the agreement opened have been largely beneficial for the United States, and to a lesser level Canada and Mexico.

  • This is bad

    It was created by the demopublicans to sway the the big corporations from the republicans party by offering them to save the big corporations their greedy dirty money ,Both party and other money worshiping perverts want to destroy and wipe us natural born and legal citizens off the map for more dirty money .

  • Outsourcing jobs in America

    Fortune 500 company's love this idea. They grease the wheels donate to congressman. And the workers who are working there way up the latter do not stand a chance despite how hard they fight. Some knew hires are laid off before they cash there first check. Nafta is beneficial to those who are already at the top of the food chain. Another scam amongst many

  • NAFTA is not good for the United States.

    The United States of America has so many manufacturing industries moving their manufacturing plants to Mexico, since its labour cost is cheaper. They have lost approximately $97.2 billion between the years 1994 and 2010, causing 682,900 people (living in the United states) to lose their jobs. About 80% of the losses were manufacturing industries/plants. The states with the highest labour costs in the U.S. were the most affected, since "they had high concentrations of the industries that moved plants to Mexico.

  • NAFTA is not good for the U.S..

    NAFTA is a bad policy for the US. It lets big companies outsource jobs to Mexico at the expense of American workers. Although some companies profit from NAFTA, it has been bad for most Americans. Clinton should have taken a more protectionist approach to free trade. NAFTA has had a negative effect on Americans.

  • Giant sucking sound

    In many ways, NAFTA was the precursor for the problems that the US is now suffering with China. Before the jobs were all going to China, they were all going to Mexico; it just happened that China was even cheaper so it didn't last. Nonetheless, NAFTA has a definite and negative effect on American jobs.

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Mrfreebee says2017-05-12T19:44:59.550
Nafta has always been bad for the u.S .It is not liberal toward American workers.It's not charitable toward American workers.It' a sneaky conservative idea that was created by the demopublicans to sway the wealthy to support their party .This is why I am forced no to vote.It needs to be abolished.Both Parties and other dirty money worshipers trying to destroy are sovereignty for more filthy war causing disease causing money .This has to stop .No N.A.F.T.A