• Nancy Lanza: Irresponsible parent, gun owner

    This mother put her community at risk for years. She should have had Adam committed long before filing the paperwork in the months before he shot her. Asperger's Syndrome children can't empathize, cannot feel others' pain and lack the ability to connect emotionally with others. Adam Lanza was also literally unable to feel pain. He had no physical or emotional feedback for sensing emotional or physical discomfort for himself much less feel for other people. Nancy Lanza educated her son to use lethal weapons by 1) hours of daily use of realistic, violent video games and 2) Teaching Adam to use an assault rifle as a means of teaching him 'responsibility' and 'so he would fit it'. Why not teach compassion and responsibility by helping others like delivering Meals On Wheels, volunteering at a soup kitchen or adult literacy program?
    Nancy Lanza's years of poor choices for her disturbed son put her community at risk for a long time before her son killed 26 others. Nancy Lanza told her son she planned to commit him. She left him home alone for 3 days with access to her pistols, rifle and assault rifle and exploding ammunition. Nancy Lanza's many poor choices for her disturbed son put her community at risk. It was only a matter of time before Adam Lanza used his gun skills and easy access to lethal weapons to kill.

  • Yes, But As A Mother She Deserves Our Sympathy

    She noticed her son's anger. I wouldn't be surprised if he had verbally expressed a sense of misanthropy right in front of her. Yet she didn't lock the gun away. She probably thought about it, but then thought "oh no, my child would never do that". It's understandable that she would've had a hard time admitting to herself that that was a risk. It's doubtful she would've ever gone to the trouble of getting that gun if it were illegal.

  • Disturbed son, yet kept automatic rifles at home

    Responsible gun ownership means ensuring that only licensed people can have access to them. She did not do this. She knew that her son was socially withdrawn, yet encouraged him to use guns and had them in the home. This is irresponsible. Not only did she not protect her family (her reason in getting the guns in the first place) but she provided the means for those children to be killed.

  • Nancy Lanza wreckless gun owner

    It doesn't matter if Adam Lanza was the most mentally ill person on the face of the earth. He didn't buy the guns. His mother, Nancy Lanza purchased the arsenal, taught Adam to use the weapons and failed to keep her arsenal secure from Adam whom she claimed had mental problems.

  • Yes

    She knew he had issues, yet thought it was a good idea to bring guns into the house. She even took him to firing ranges and showed him how to use guns. Not only that, but she had three guns in her home. I can see having one maybe, but why three? Had she not had them in the first place, none of this wouldve happened. 20 children & 6 other families would still be celebrating Christmas right now if it weren't for this. She is far from a victim, if anything she's just as equally a criminal as Adam. And if she IS a victim, it's from her own foul play. And one more thing, where is the father in all this? I feel like he never was really there for Adam or his brother for that matter. He should've stepped up as dad and maybe Adam wouldn't of been as troubled.

  • poor choice of interest

    With $24,000 a month alimony, it's a shame she couldn't find anything better to do with her mentally ill son then take him to a gun range. What about bowling, healthy video games, gardening, both helping out at an animal shelter, READING A BOOK, something better than guns!??!!! Did she leave him alone in the house from Tuesday to Thursday, mentally ill and with guns in the home, knowing that he was getting harder to deal with and in a downward spiril? Was she thinking, if he stays in the house all the time, at least he is not able to harm other people?? Was she afraid of him? We will never know because he killed her, 26 other beautiful people and himself with those guns.

  • They were her guns.

    She knew her son had issues and did not lock up her firearms like a responsible gun owner. Not to mention fueling his aggressive tendencies by allowing him to play violent video games. A similar incident recently occurred in Wyoming with a much less tragic outcome due to the assailant not have easy access to more lethal weapons. So you may say that gun control is the answer. I say no. Individuals with violent thoughts will always find a way to bring them to action one way or another. So I blame her, not for the incident but for its severity.

  • Yes his mother is too blame

    Firstly aspergers is not a mental illness they are not disturbed they do not have a tendency for voilence. They are highly intelligent and usually have poor social skills they generally find it difficult to create friendships. The mother is at fault and 1 should never have milatry grade weapons no one should and secondly not taught her son gow to use them i bet if you look deeper i guarantee adam was bullied and this was his response. Unfortunately 26 lives were lost. America needs to band military style weapons full stop

  • Yep, she is to blame

    I hope she is rotting in hell. It's one thing to not commit your son and it's another to give him full access to deadly weapons. She made horrendous and irresponsible choices. While it takes a village to raise a child, she was his primary caretaker and she failed horribly

  • She obviously perpetuated his problems

    She led her son to eventually become a prisoner not in his own house and his own mind. The doors were not chained, she had stronger locks on his self worth and watched him as he slowly deteriorated over the years. The fact that she watched that and did nothing other about it except comment on his decline continuing to dis-empower him is tragic. As if she was watching him drown in water and instead of reaching out her hand sat there taking pictures of him and writing emails about his progress in being unable to learn how to swim. Than furthermore what she did empower him to do was shoot guns? The military could take a page from her book how to train unfeeling unthinking human military machines, she certainly toyed enough with his mind and emotions to create a violent monster. Yes she was responsible, eventually she made it so that she was the ONLY ONE in his life who had any influence on him. She took him away from any and all normal social life and prevented him from developing coping skills by overbearing him with herself as the one who can make it all better for him (copying text books in black and white so he doesn't have to look at color?). He obviously was NOT responding to her "nurturing" he was crumbling from it. Yes she had a responsibility to take her selfish aims out of the picture and do what was right for her son, and she did not come anywhere close to showing any signs of doing that.

  • No, his mother is not to blame.

    In actuality we have no idea who is to blame. Adam Lanza was clearly mentally ill. We don't know if his mother did everything she could to get him treatment, and got no help. or if she ignored the problem and therefore allowed things to get to the point they did.

  • No, his mother is not to blame.

    Nancy Lanza appears to have developed some eccentricities. It is impossible to know at this time what life was like For Adam. However, there is just no reason to believe that anything she did could have caused her son to massacre school children. He was an adult, a young adult, but still an adult. There is no one to blame for this but Adam.

  • We cannot say it is at this time.

    We are still in the early days of mourning the Sandy Hook victims. There is such a rush to blame and point fingers. We do not have enough information at this time to definitively know exactly what caused the shooter to commit this awful shooting spree. There is always too much of a point the finger at the parent mentality.

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