Is Nancy Snyderman credible any more after violating a quarantine for Ebola in the United States?

  • Everyone makes mistakes

    Everyone makes mistakes. I don't think Nancy Snyderman did this on purpose. And I don't think she was personally putting anyone at risk. It would have been ideal for her to follow the orders, but what is done is done. I think she learned her lesson this time, with all of this negative publicity.

  • No, she isn't

    I think she has been the face of public health on NBC for years now and to purposely break quarantine when she knows the public is terrified of Ebola shows a lack of common and professional sense. I think she felt the risk was low and she didn't think she would get caught.

  • Nancy Snyderman loses all credibility for violating Ebola quarantine

    Dr Nancy Snyderman, NBC's chief medical reporter, has lost all credibility for violating her quarantine period following her return from covering the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Whilst she entered voluntarily into quarantine, the fact that she so blatantly disregarded her quarantine for something so trivial as to get takeout food, indicates that she has no regard for either the quarantine process or for the health and well-being of those around her.

  • No, violating a quarantine has consequences

    It is in my opinion that quarantines are in place for a reason, one of the main reasons is to protect the general public. So, for her to just carelessly expose herself to the outside world after she was quarantined, she doesn't deserve to have the right to practice in her doctrine anymore, and her credibility is no longer in tact.

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