Is Nas' 'Illmatic' the best hip-hop album of all time?

  • Impossible to state what's the best

    A masterpiece without doubt, but impossible to state it's the best of ALL hip hop. There are too many brilliant artists out there, from public enemy to de la soul. One of the best without doubt, but there is no singular BEST hip hop album as the genre is too varied.

  • Unbelievable , Truly a Masterpiece

    When I Listen to Illmatic, I can't skip any song, because the whole album is great, the beats, the lyrics, and nas's flow, make this album be number 1 of all hip hop history, even the intro is good, greatest rap/hip hop album of all time WITHOUT A DOUBT !

  • Changed the game

    Just my personal opinion, haven't heard anything even close to touching Illmatic. Although there are a few that come close, nothing has been as real and laid back as Illmatic. But once again, its just my opinion, I know other people who would pick Jay-Z or Tupac albums over this

  • Amazing 10/10 album

    Perfect album, vivid lyrics, creating a picture in my head! Best producers in hip hop at that time made this album 10 times even better, delivery flawless Amazing flow.. Personally for me best hip hop album of all time.
    Grew up listening to this album and always will love it!

  • Defined hip hop

    Nas changed the way people thought of lyrics by releasing illmatic, If you listen to illmatic just enough , you will find that it is relatable on an extremely subtle level, the only way to you could possibly hate Illmatic is if you hated hip hop and honesty from his words

  • Lyricism is taken to another level

    The lyricism in this album is like not other. The fact that he had no famous guests, and was also he DEBUT album puts it head and shoulders above the rest. The cover of the album is also very unique and creative, it demonstrates the life that Nas started to become aware of around him

  • Changed Hip-hop forever

    It is the golden record from the golden age of hip-hop. And the most bitten by far. From front to back the album bumps and still has some of the hardest beats the genre has ever had on one album. The best and most influential by far. New York State of Mind, Represent, and Halftime are tracks the JayZ's and Eminem's of the world dream they could write. FACT!

  • A more complete album than any other hip hop work.

    Some claim that Illmatic isn't actually all that great and didn't change the rap game as much as Tupac's and Biggie's groundbreaking albums. HOWEVER, this album is groundbreaking and beautiful because of it's simplicity. 10 songs is not a lot to include on only one album (including a song simply named halftime, put at the 5/10 slot). The great thing about Illmatic is that every part of the album is essential and represents a solid portion of it. Every song on the album is great and when put together, they form a near perfect album.

  • It is truly an amazing work...

    The reason why this album never went to the #1 on Billboard charts is cause it was kind of underground. Nas wanted to present himself to the USA without publicity and billboards and commercials all around the country. He'd rather present himself with quality music... I believe that if he wanted to sell a lot of copies and present himself, this album would hit the 5mil+ number in its first year.

  • NY State Of Mind

    Every single song could have been a single, every song you could argue about being in your top 20 rap songs of all time, Nas set a bar and he set it high with this album, not a better album nor rapper will there be than this MASTERPIECE OF GOD.

  • This is strictly an opinion

    Personally, I may be biased here for this question, because i am not really a big fan of hip-hop music. That being said, I know there really is no "best' album for just one specific genre. It really depends on the fans point of view. Just because one album sold millions of copies and shattered records, doesn't necessary make it the very the best.

  • It's a great album, but "best" is relative.

    The album was definitely a standout in hip hop, and continues to be significant to this day. However, there are also other albums that are great for different reasons. For instance, "Ready to Die" by Notorious B.I.G. Is great because its material is timeless and it has gained more notoriety after the rapper's death. "I'm the Rapper He's the DJ" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince is also a classic anthem for its classic take on teen angst and its summer party anthem "Summertime."

  • I'm The Rapper He is the DJ is better.

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's hit record I'm The Rapper He is the DJ is better. It is more family friendly. There are more singles on the album. I'm The Rapper hit the number 4 spot in U.S. Billboards top 200 and Illmatic only reached the number 12 spot.

  • Solid but not groundbreaking

    Illmatic is a great album. The lyrics are on point, the production is amazing and the album itself does well to capture his surroundings. It is certainly the ideal "hip hop album". However it is not overly influential. Instead it painted a good picture of Nas. While other albums broadened the horizons for what is possible for hip hop Aquemini, College Drop Out. And others captured the youth in masses to see the beauty in themselves Tupac, Biggie.
    Illmatic was not a game changer. That being said it does look nice, but i feel like their are many other hip albums that dig deeper than illmatic if one shifts their head from the hard core scene.

  • All Time Best - Too Soon to Tell

    Nas' 'Illmatic' was released in 1994 and ranked in the top ten that year. Passing years have not been quite as kind. The hip-hop genre remains quite active, many artists continue to create this kind of art as an expression of their lives so we have likely not yet seen the very best. When the next genre emerges will be time enough to make the best of the genre lists. Furthermore the qualities of best need to be outlined: copies sold, money made, or soul touching, enduring message.

  • This isn't a question that you can answer objectively.

    This album is not the best hip-hop album of all time because there is no such thing as the best hip-hop album of all time. Music is subjective. That's not an empty platitude. A music critic's opinion is not more valid than your opinion, and your opinion is not more valid than my opinion.

  • Impossible to state what's the best

    A masterpiece without doubt, but impossible to state it's the best of ALL hip hop. There are too many brilliant artists out there, from public enemy to de la soul. One of the best without doubt, but there is no singular BEST hip hop album as the genre is too varied.

  • One of the Best

    Illmatic is certainly one of the best hip hop albums ever made. I'd rank it higher than many other albums that are widely considered classics. However, I'm not sure that it's THE best. There aren't many, but there are a few (and only a few) hip hop albums that I consider to be even better.

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