• Although NASA helps human race with its discoveries, the funding that it receives is too much.

    To make it clear, it is not being contended that NASA does not help people, what is being said is that its usefulness is not greater than its uselessness. NASA is not useless however, but it is a waste of money. Its annual budget is $18.724 billion, that is a huge amount of money being wasted just for space exploration, other ambitious search for other planets and signs of life, and other useless things. That money could have been used for more urgent needs such as food for the hungry people, medicines for the sick people, books and classrooms for students, infrastructures, and other things that are more important and useful to humans.

  • Pay off the national debt

    The government has run out of cash a long time ago and today is shut down. It is saddening that NASA received much gold from taxpayers and has brought back nothing to pay for itself. All Americans will suffer from the uncontrolled spending in Washington on agencies such as NASA which bring back no revenue.

  • Screw all y'all

    I HATE ALL YOU GUYS THAT SAY NASA IS A WASTE OF TIME! SCREW YOU ALL ! I AM IN THE BEST MOOD TODAY CAN ANY ONE TELL? CAUSE I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE IT OBVIOUS OR ANYTHING IF THATS WHAT YOU GUYS THINK SO SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waste of mpney

    The money used for NASA's various ventures is nothing short of unjustified when looked at from the perspective of the issues we have here on planet earth that remain unresolved. I'm not suggesting that NASA's undertakings are entirely pointless, but as it stands currently, we can't afford to invest such amounts of money into precarious, low payoff enterprises such as NASA. It is money that could be far better spent on medical research.

  • Total Waste of money

    NASA is ridiculous. There are so many actual NEEDS in this country/world and we spend billions of dollars trying to figure out things like why Mars atmosphere changed. I guess for those of you who support this, you want to continue to ruin this planet and move to another to ruin that one...

  • Just in, national debt at 20 trillion!!!!

    Spending a nickel on space exploration is a waste of money,
    what do we get out of it. How about spend the 20 billion a year on something on earth, i got it... A wall on our southern boarder. Illegal
    immigration costs us billions of dollars a year. If you want to come here
    get in line and do it legally.

  • It is a waste that shows no results.

    Tax payers shouldn"t have to foot the bill for something that hasn't resulted in any benefit to sustain its use.Private industries should foot the bill, they have all the money, instead of being a government facility that reaches into every taxpayers pocket yet keeps everyone from seeing where our money goes. I know if the private industry was to foot the bill, they would think harder about their design of the space shuttle before they had another one blow up, and not say,"oh well lets build another its not our money like the government".

  • AS a government program NASA needs real returns

    NASA doesn't innovate towards a goal that directly benefits the American people, which would be fine except 18.4 million dollars come out of the pockets of the American people to fund programs whose only justification is that we are bored, there are plenty if government programs that could use that money

  • NASA has become a Global Warming Propaganda Machine...It is no longer the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    NASA spends more than SpaceX total valuation and yet SpaceX is the doing what we intended NASA to be doing...Not writing BS AGW papers and publishing propaganda on the tax payers dime. We are tired of the wasted money. Scrap the agency and start from scratch with a purpose drive accountable agency.

  • NASA is a waste of money

    You see on earth there is a lot of problems already and yet we're learning to go live on mars. We're destroying earth now so if we do go to mars Are we gonna ruin that planet too. Plus now the U.S. is in a lot of debt and yet still giving tons of money to NASA, why? What's the point of seeing beautiful stars and nebulae while here on earth we are buying CLEAN water and BREATHABLE air when long ago these things were FREE. Can't NASA help us with that then using water purification. Help us and earth with what we have and stop inventing thing that cost lots when we could just use our brains to help, aren't we getting too lazy and relying on technology too much

  • Of Course Not!

    NASA has not only benefited American history, but it also helped us invent many new technologies, research what's beyond Earth, and start sending humans out of Earth again. NASA has a lot of potential to help the human species. Here's why.

    1. We are getting overpopulated on Earth, and we are using all of it's resources. At this rate, Earth won't be Earth in 150 years. We must begin heading to areas like Mars, The Moon, Europa, etc, and start terraforming those celestial bodies. Terraforming is the process of making a celestial body more habitable.

    2. Our economies could benefit from these resources, and we could employ thousands of people if space exploration is a success. Resources from other celestial bodies could be potentially valuable, which would be good for trading with other nations, and staying at the top of any other nation. These resource collecting, and space exploration feats could mean that we could employ several Americans to do missions, collect resources, operate stations, etc.

    3. The Sun will eventually get too big for us in the long run. The Sun keeps on getting larger, and larger. If we don't move farther from the Sun within the time that the Sun becomes a Red Giant (About 5 billion years), we're doomed.

    4. Horrible, unpredictable events could happen such as; meteorites, the moon getting too far from Earth, etc. The Moon of ours gets farther, and farther which will eventually affect our tides, orbit, etc.

    5. Why not? Would you rather stay on Earth, and be destroyed in 5 billion years? The human race is destined to head to space, and begin colonizing by 2040. If we don't have a space program, we won't stay caught up with other nations, and we will not remain the strongest nation. We must continue these great exploration feats. Exploration, and curiosity is not over.

  • Consider the Facts.

    If you look at the facts, NASA is actually very helpful for the world... And space exploration has caused this. Note this: NASA has actually helped the U.S economy, more than it has hurt it. For every one dollar put into NASA, seven to ten return back to the economy. Second, NASA's research has helped the fight against cancer. Third, NASA weather satellites have helped warn us against natural disasters. Fourth, NASA has helped the agriculture. Fifth, one lesser known but still there- planetary defense. 15,000 Near Earth Objects (Asteroids near Earth to simplify) exist, which raises the question- What if a 6 mile wide one was on a collision course with the Earth? Some will say, "Blow it up with Nukes." However- if it does break it apart- there will now be say, three or four asteroids now on a collision course. There is another option. Redirect the asteroid away from Earth. Finally, my final argument, that I will list, is the fact it encourages international cooperation. Think about the ISS, and the fact that the U.S. and fifteen other nations contributed to it. All in all, I feel that we should continue NASA, as it has helped us more than it has hurt us.

  • It is not

    It is not like we are taking a spaceship, filling it with millions and launching it into space. It is said that we need that money to use for things here on earth but a lot of that money is used to PAY FOR THE PEOPLE THAT WORK AT NASA!!!!

  • NASA has accomplished more than you think.

    The only reason NASA hasn't been doing very well is because of their limited budget. They plan to send people on a one-way trip to Mars to colonize and see if it is habitable enough for the public. Others may not find that amazing, and that's okay. But please don't ruin it for those that do.

  • Space Exploration Is important

    Our World unfortunately will not be livable forever and we need to find either a solution to global warming or we need to find another world that we can survive on. And meteors, just like what Neal Degrasse Tyson said "It is not a matter of if, its a matter of when". Early in Earths existence meteors were hitting earth constantly and there has been 2 major meteors that hit earth and nearly killed everything on the planet. NASA may not seem important but you would be wrong.

  • Okay so it uses money big deal!

    Yes N.A.S.A uses our money, but look at the great things that N.A.S.A has done and made. Such as Artificial Limbs,Ventricular Assist Device, Improved Radial Tires and so much more. Check out this web site.
    Great things are still being invented. They are invented for us and our children and our childrens childrens.

  • We need nasa

    The space program is needed for our survival. Many people think that nasa spends too much money but they only get 5% of the federal budget. 18.5 billion dollers is alot of money but that is what we need to put in our space program. Trump might not even support NASA

  • We need space weed

    Weed is to illegal. If we start a planet on space we can make our own weed legal. I pay fifteen buck a gram that to expensive weed should be cheaper and on space we can grow our own for very cheap. Moon men can get high in space it lit

  • NASA actually doesn't get that much money.

    If you think 18 billion dollars is a lot, go check how much money other government agency's get and it is clear that NASA gets very little, and more of their funding gets taken away every year. Also, lets see how you feel when you are stuck on an Earth without any food, water, and too much pollution when we are having a great time on Mars.

  • NASA also does research relating to earth.

    Currently NASA spends a very substantial amount of it's budget studying the earth itself and looking into ways to make life here better. NASA has been leading technological developments which allow for us as a species to advance much more quickly and also gives America a place as one of the most innovative and technology driven countries, people don't seem to realize that without NASA global connectivity would not be a thing, nor would your smartphones or anything along those lines. NASA provides a view of what humanity can achieve and serves as an inspiration to future generations. Also, NASA's funding makes up something like 3% of the national budget which is by no means a problem.

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policeboy0 says2013-12-14T22:30:42.467
For all of you saying that NASA is a waste of money because the money would be better spent else where...The US Armed Forces budget for air conditioning is $1 billion more than the entire budget of NASA. NASA has invented artificial limbs, baby formula, cell-phone cameras, the computer mouse, cordless tools, ear thermometers, a lot of firefighting gear, freeze-dried food, goldclubs, long distance communications, , invisible braces, MRI and CAT scans, memory foam, tires used in cars that save thousands and thousands of lives a year, shoe insoles, ski boots, smoke detectors, portable water filters, UV-blocking sunglasses, and so much more! Any rational person will see that the money spent on the NASA budget is peanuts and if anything we should spend more.
WheezySquash8 says2014-01-16T22:23:42.537
It's sad to see people think that NASA is a waste of money...