Is NASA just a waste of resources and time (yes) or is it really a requirement of the modern world (no)?

Asked by: angii
  • NASA is a waste of time.

    I truly believe that NASA is generally speaking a waste of time. I do not think the amount of resources and time and efforts we spend within NASA is worth it. We have not achieved much progress and there are not many results or research completed. I think we should spend our resources on more necessary things.

  • Yes, NASA is wasteful in some respects.

    Personally, I feel like the race to space that came to a head in the 1960s is over, and now the world should open up more to commercial space exploration. It's no longer necessary for the government to do it, funded by tax dollars. Space exploration is incredibly pricey, and it does not directly benefit the American people. That being said, there are many companies now interested in it, and they could continue to pursue it without being a burden on the American taxpayer.

  • Not as important as they make it seem.

    Yes it is important because we need to learn about what is outside of out planet. No it is not a necessity. We can live without it and just spend less on it. We don't need 15.5 million dollars spent on a rocket that is just going to blow up and kill a bunch of people. I am not into science so this may not be a topic for me to get into but I just wanted to say that we should not spend millions of dollars on something that won't work.

  • I think that NASA is just a waste of time and resources.

    I think that NASA is just a waste of time and
    resources. I don’t think that it is
    still necessary in the modern world. Once
    we landed on the moon, the space race was officially over. Going anywhere further than Mars would
    require a time commitment from astronauts that most people are unwilling to

  • The real waste comes in the minds of the less informed, who willingly chose to ignore the facts

    How much are you, personally, contributing to space exploration?

    If the naysayers over on the left column would bother to do the math, and it turns out that a little less than half a penny ($0.46) of every federal tax dollar ($1.00) ended up at NASA last year. That means that on April 15, 2015 (Tax Day), a family of four with the median household income of $49,777 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), which pays $6,629 of federal taxes, pays the space agency the whopping sum of...


    Put another way: For the past decade, NASA has received no more than 0.63% of the annual federal budget. Last year it received just 0.46%, which came to $17.6 billion. A mere 0.27% of personal income taxes goes to NASA, meaning most American taxpayers *individually* pay about $10 tax dollars per year for the program, or less than one cent per tax dollar (By contrast, we paid 27 cents per tax dollar to the military).

  • No, we need NASA.

    No, NASA is not just a waste of resources and time, because we have learned many valuable things through space exploration. There cannot be a price put on how important it is to understand the value of the world that we live in, and the universe that we are a part of. It is also important to claim the other plants before Russia, China, or Red Bull does.

  • No, NASA is a necessity.

    We have no idea as a species where the human race will be in a hundred or more years and if the planet will be inhabitable. So space exploration of some sort is a necessity for our future. It may be that abandoning this planet and finding a way to live in space will mean our survival.

  • NASA helps outcomes in scientific studies.

    In a reasonable aspect, NASA is the only American company that searches for flaws in multiple scientific studies, questionable space negatives and positives, and anything to do with supporting life through means of science. If NASA where to be shutdown, we would have numerous problems with the ISS, and possible problems with our Eco system. Without NASA we would have a MASSIVE satellite shut down, adding problems to the government, the military, and in turn ending researches to keep our planet clean and healthy. Another problem we would have is different planet exploration, NASA tries its hardest at the moment looking for a planet that can support life, so the human race is not doomed to millions of "end of the world scenarios" NASA adds a chance of helping a survive by a small percent, but one small percent is all we need. But some things NASA does do is sometimes regarded as useless, and I completely agree, millions of dollars spent on the launch of a satellite that can take brand new pictures of earth is not needed, since we have hundreds of satellites that take plenty of pictures already. Another problem that I spot is that NASA indeed houses small, assorted, little secrets that we find unneeded. But with those small flaws I do indeed support NASA for the bigger picture.

  • We need science.

    We live in the world where science progress rapidly, we find out more and more about world around us, we tend to know more today, then yesterday. Modern world is world, when science is supported and people live in peace. But if we stop NASA to work and find out mysteries of our universe, then we don't live in the modern world.

  • No, NASA is a requirement it is the knowledge of the men beyond the planet Earth.

    NASA is the source of knowledge of a world that is beyond us and to which ordinary men cannot reach. NASA is an important component for education and it also provides us with the information about how our planet was formed and how will in come to an end, NASA tells us about the creatures that are different from us or they might be exactly like us. Our planet is in great dangers ad might come to an end soon but if we get to know about another planet we can survive on we may live a little longer, we may write our own new history and if that was possible then NASA is the one to make it seem possible.

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