• We need NASA

    With out NASA we would never have a man on DEEZ NUTS


    Nasa is a great help for alll the young people ololo lol lol lo ll ll l l ll l lll l ll l ll l l l ll l l l l l ll l l l lDeeez NUTS

  • Yes, I support

    NASA is essential. Firstly, there are many threats that could one day prove detrimental to us. The main reasons for why space exploration and NASA is vital is because of: Lack of resources, comets/asteroids on collision courses, nuclear war on Earth, and worldwide epidemic. NASA could help this by sending out humans to mars, building civilizations and therefore increase the likelihood of humanity surviving long term. Not only that, scientists like to learn about what we don't know. Space is that. The possibility of living on another planet, the possibility of discovering alien life.

    Sounds good? Not with 0.48% federal budget. NASA needs more funding and should be viewed as a wise choice, simply because of the reasons presented.

  • I am really getting sick of this subject.

    NASA will lead to new discovery's of other habitable planets so one day we can move there once this planet gets inhabitable (By us, Meteors, Sun expanding engulfing earth, flooding etc)

    Discovery's of resources in outer space so instead if destroying our world for those same resources.

    Possibly find out if alien life out there and find out were not alone.

    NASAS budget from 1958 to 2011 amounts to $526.18 billion.

    Oh BTW U.S. Defense spending is expected to have risen in 2012, to about $729 billion, and then is set to fall in 2013 to $716 billion.

    SOOOOOOO in one year the us military spent more in one year then NASA ever did in the 50+ years.

    So yes its necessary to find out where we came from and discover the endless things in space......... War is not.

  • No for nasa

    No becuase if our economy is so in debt then we need to stop funding something something we dont need anymore. I believe that nasa has kicked the bucket. Nasa has been around for quite some time and you dont really hear about them anymore. Paying them is like paying watch a person breathe its useless.

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