• NASA is more relevant than it has ever been

    I think that the work that NASA does is more relevant than ever because we, as humans, are explorers. We have explored almost every inch of our own planet, including the depths of the oceans and now we can turn our attention to the planets around us. Space travel may one day save our species.

  • NASA is absolutely relevant.

    In today's world space exploration and travel is becoming more and more prevalent. In order for us to know what is out there beyond Earth, NASA is completely necessary. NASA is also a very important part of our history. Without NASA there would never have been a man on the moon and we would not know as much about outer space as we do.

  • Yes, NASA is still relevant

    The importance of NASA and space exploration is relevant and necessary for our planet to continue processing. The challenges of space continue our efforts to invent new techniques and tools that move our society forward as well as offer a better understanding of the universe. We can look back on many advancements that have occurred due to NASA.

  • Yes, NASA is very relevant

    Yes, NASA is relevant because the organization strives to discover more truths about the universe we live in. Earth's natural resources are gradually declining and the global warming issue is now a major issue to government's all around the world. NASA aims to discover new frontiers that can be dwelling places for humans in future generations and is very important.

  • Nasa is a lot reavent

    The more we explore, the more we could find another planet with life. Earth will one day be destroyed, but humans will survive. We haven't found a habitable planet yet, but we have the technology to travel in space. The first planet that might have life is mars the red planet.

  • Life on a planet

    Nasa is searching for a planet that supports life, and if there is even life, we can contact them. Yes, it will take a lot of time, but at lease the nearest star might have life. We just need to keep exploring the cosmos so we can find life like earth.

  • Nasa is no longer relevant

    Although nasa still does small projects here and there it isnt focused on the big picture anymore nasa has not made headlines in a while and private companys are making alot more progress especially Space X a company whose goal is to colinate mars and expecting for successful missions to mars by the decade of 2020 they have made self landing rockets and they have launched possibly the most powerful rocket to ever be launched at impressive savings compared to nasas launches and the cargo was a tesla roadster inorder to a statement spacex is not playing around

  • Nasa is expensive

    Its alot of money and its too far to find anything cool way out there
    I would rather learn more about our our world more than learning about other places stay on this plant a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

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