• OH MAN were do I begin... YES

    NASA's budget is NOT reasonable and is very ridiculous!!! We cannot possible pay that without putting billions of more people in ridicously more debt! Maybe the people who have enough money and want to can pay for it while the poor people some even living in poverty aren't forced to so they can look for a job.

  • NASA's budget is way way way too small

    Literally everything that NASA does benefits us in some way, And the lack of progress in human space exploration. We went from having never sent something into space to people walking on the moon in 9 years. It has been nearly 50 years since we've even gone to the moon, And we haven't gone anywhere else at all. Honestly I'm ashamed by the lack of progress as of late, And giving NASA more money would only benefit us.

  • Yes, Needs to be way bigger

    The military has about 600bilions per year while nasa doesn't even have 20 bilions and it should be the other way around, Science and space is the future of mankind, I dont know what the hell people on this planet are thinking about, I dont think they do, Needs to be 600bilions and even more, Its stupid that is so scarce compared to others. .

  • Its the other way round

    If you see the Pie Chart of the allocation of United States Budget, the spending on NASA won't even appear in the chart. Space exploration is important for humanity. Frankly I don't get it why US spending on military is so high, it should be reduced. Hopefully we will be on mars by 2030.

  • Not even Enough

    NASA wants to send a probe to one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, and some type of spacecraft to Pluto and to other moons in the Solar System. Europa and other moons (and dwarf planets) are expected to have life and supposedly Europa has a higher probability than Mars does to have life. NASA does not have enough money to build or send these spacecrafts and the government/politicians want NASA to build these spacecrafts and send them out by 2017 but NASA will be able to build the spacecraft to Europa by 2020 and launch it sometime that year or in 2021. NASA doesn’t have enough time and especially money to build and send spacecrafts to space. NASA also doesn’t have enough people there because people have stopped wanting to be astronauts . NASA’s pay overall from last year was less than the amount of money AMERICANS ALONE paid for dog toys in 2012. According to Dr. Curt Niebur, a program scientist at NASA, “The more we learn about other planets out there, the more we learn about Earth.” For the government to pay NASA enough they would have to raise tax prices and gas prices. The government wants to know more but they won't listen to NASA’s desperate requests for more time and money, Rome wasn’t built in a day right. NASA could lose all money, hope, and exploration chances sometime in the near(ish) future if the government does not start funding NASA. If the government stops funding NASA we could lose all sight and further knowledge on anything we cannot see in our own sky and with telescopes. We may never know if there is any living life out there if the government does not fund NASA, possibly until it is too late and we come in contact with our nightmare/dream/mystery/wonder. With the money that NASA does get, if they make a spacecraft and its mission fails then they won't have enough money to make a backup spacecraft to try again. We know more about space than we know about our own oceans, so why not figure out as much as we can about space and then we can research the best hairspray or shampoo. Most of us here on Earth have mostly everything we need except for common sense and knowledge about what is “out there”. NASA says it is easy to send a person to Mars and to come up with the technology for spacecrafts to other places but the problem is money and time. If the government and people would just be a little more patient and give NASA the paycheck per year they need then we would know almost everything about space we might even know more about dark matter. The universe hasn’t had enough time to show us if our theories about some things in space are true or false. If NASA had more money and time we would definitely know more.

  • The NASA budget is minuscule

    The NASA program is a tiny fraction of the nations national budget. The NASA budget is 18.5 billion dollars and although that sounds like a lot, it is only 0.4% of the national government's total spending. That's less than one percent. NASA funding is minuscule and barely affects the budget and wealth of the United States.
    -Jameson N

  • Its not expensive

    Most of the money the US government has is being spent of welfare, food stamps, the war on drugs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and on the oversea's military bases. Overseas military bases makes us look weak, yet we have the best military on Earth. It is so hypocritical

  • NASA's budget needs to increase

    NASA's budget is not too expensive. We must continue to fund them as they play an important role in helping solving cures for disease and aid in providing equipment for space exploration. We need NASA to continue to research and find other planets that we can live on and track potential dangers to our world.

  • Space Exploration Is Important

    What NASA is doing today is setting a foundation for the future to go further in space than we ever have before. If we don't fund these projects today, we can no longer make strides forward. We still have a lot to learn about space, but we have to get out there to do that.

  • It is not too expensive

    No, I do not think that NASA has a too expensive budget. If anything, the United States should increase the budget of NASA so that we can find out more about outer space. NASA needs the money to explore more and find out if we are th only intelligent life in the planet.

  • NASA's Budget Too Low

    Unfortunately, we have removed a lot of funding from NASA over the past few years. We need to increase the space agency's funding in order to continue space exploration. A lot of potential solutions are available for today's issues by going into space. We need to realize this fact and act accordingly.

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