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  • Costs Way Too Much

    If the US were to pull of a hoax that big, It would've taken a large amount of money in a time when money was valuable and was used to build nuclear weapons in the Cold War. It is also near impossible that the weightlessness effect would've been done without being on the moon. First off, It would take a large amount of calculations to find the curve of the parabola that the plane would have to take to imitate the moon's gravity. Second of all, It would also cost too much money for the props and what not. Going back to the economics aspect of this idea, The US had just spent 12 billion dollars to Western European nations after the devastation of World War II, It would be near ridiculous to undergo such a large input of money in a hoax that could've been performed in real life.

  • I don't think so.

    I haven't researched in really, But I have a level of trust in my government, Though that level of trust 'is situational. Seems like a lot of work a fake a landing. If it wasn't possible I'd imagine other countries who don't like us would say so. The basic idea seems tenable. 'Most other people think it happened. There's video, Moon rocks. Are all the reasons I can think of off the top of my head anyway, For why I think it was not fake.

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