• NASCAR is a sport!

    I've had it up to here with people saying that NASCAR is not a sport, and that its drivers are not athletes. I can understand why people would say it. I mean, driving a car is something millions of people do every day. Many users on this site have drivers' licenses and/or cars. Thus, they take for granted the entire notion of competitive driving as something that's easy, or mindless, or unathletic. These people must think that NASCAR stock cars are the same cars as you or I have at home. They're not. First of all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look inside a Sprint Cup Series garage to figure out that stock cars are not the same cars you or I drive to school and work. These cars are not only heavier, aerodynamically superior, and more expensive than a normal Toyota Camry or Chevrolet Impala, they go much faster—up to 100 miles per hour faster, for those of you requiring cold, hard figures. Now, place those 190 mile per hour cars on a large track, such as Texas Motor Speedway, where they will have to maintain said speed while turning around a radius of 750 feet. Immediately as each driver turns, he is hit with G-force, which is defined as the force of the Earth's gravity in any given direction, and represents acceleration. One G is equal to 32 feet per second. The drivers would experience about 3.2 G's around the turns, or 3.2 times the force of Earth's gravity pulling on them in the corners. However, because Texas has 24 degrees of banking in the turns, the drivers only experience about 1.9 G's at top speed, because those 24 degrees of banking put about 1.3 of those G's on the wheels of the car, helping it stick to the track. Even so, the driver must push back, resisting those 1.9 G's. Most roller coasters exert about three G's on their riders, but for no more than three seconds or so. Even so, many people throw up from the forces exerted upon them. And you tell me that a NASCAR driver, who withstands those kinds of forces for three hours (and up to 64 G's in an accident, such as Jeff Gordon's 2006 crash at Pocono), just sits around and turns left all day? Any person who can withstand those types of blunt forces on his or her body is an athlete. We haven't even gotten to the behind-the-wall crew yet. Wikipedia defines sport as "an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively." Joon Song, in his recent article Open Mic: Do Golf and NASCAR Make The Cut?, defines a sport as requiring the following:

    1) Competition against other participants to win as an individual or team
    2) Skill and physical training required to succeed
    3) A combination of at least three athletic qualities like strength, speed, quickness, leaping ability, hand-eye coordination, agility, and stamina required to excel

  • It is a sport

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  • It is a sport

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  • It is a sport

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  • It is a sport

    Drivers race around a track door to door at speeds over 200 mph, in 150 degree cars. It takes years and years of training to drive a race car like that. NASCAR drivers are professional athletes, It is exhausting to be driving for 4 hours at those speeds. It's called "motorsports".

  • Yes it is!

    NASCAR is a sport because drivers experience 2-5 G's every 15 seconds for a lenght of 15 seconds, and normally on a roller coaster, that is enough to make a person throw up eveb after just 3 second of it. The drivers also experience up to 70 G's when they get into crashes. Even though they are sitting, they still burn 2400 Calories during the race. They also keep a constant heart rate of about 180 for almost the whole race. Next, the pit crews have to hop over a wall, jack up a 2.6 ton car, change 2 tires, go to the other side, javk up the 2.6 ton car again, change 2 more tires, fill up the car with 22 gallons of gas, add or remove tape, and peel off a windshield strip all within 15 seconds. Finally, this sport requirs as much strategy as football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and hockey, all for 4-5 hours staraight with no stop.

  • NASCAR is definitely a sport

    Just because there are cars doesn't mean the drivers don't need to work , because they do. Because how are they supposed to fit? So drivers work out to keep themselves in shape. Some NASCAR drivers also do triathlons. The pit crew also does do workouts and practices. That is why I think NASCAR is a sport.

  • NASCAR is a sport

    It is a sport because, going 3 wide a almost 200mph isn't your everyday car drive. The way those guys keep their cars inches away from each other and from the wall and not crash right away is amazing and the g forces the drivers have to withstand are crazy. About 3 g's all the way around the track for 4 hours. It's like a roller coaster but for 4 hours and going 200mph. Not many people can do that. So if you say this isn't a sport you better do some research before you say it because those drivers can do something not many other people can

  • They are fit

    Most of them are in really good shape and run and train a lot. Think of Kyle Busch has an example if he wasn't has fit he wouldn't have recovered so fast and would have made the chase the. He came back and won a lot of race and made the chase and is doing very well in the chase

  • It is a sport cause

    They don't need to be an athlete they just need to be focused and aware off what is going on all around them and need to np know if they have to go. To the pit to get new tires and more fuel so yes it is a sport then ever

  • Not a sport.

    1. They sit down for 4-5 hours. That's their sport.
    2. The most activity they do is turning the steering wheel left.
    3. You only lose 74 calories per hour when driving [1]. Since NASCAR drivers are stressed out about the next time they have to turn left, let's say 100c/h. That's 4-5 hundred total. You burn more than that sitting in a sauna for 30 minutes [2]. Is sitting in a sauna a sport now too?

  • Not a Chance.

    What other sport can a man in his 50s compete and excel against other men in there 20s..... It is an uncomfortable ACTIVITY, much like golf and hot dog eating competitions on a hot humid day. The pit crew are in better shape then the "athletes" that are sitting behind the wheel.

  • Not athletic, not applicable in warfare, not a sport.

    Nascar is a driving competition, not a sport. A sport requires proper physical skill and form. Some forms of vehicular racing could be considered a sport, such as motorcycle racing - as that requires precise form - but Nascar is about sitting strapped into a seat and driving around, honking a horn.

  • NASCAR is really just a racing competition

    Sitting in a car for several hours and turning left all the time does not qualify an event to be athletic, and don't even get me started on "it is because of the G-forces that there exposed to" that make them athletes. No No No, NASCAR drivers are highly skilled and talented drivers, but that does not make them athletes. NASCAR is simply a spectator event.

  • Machine provides the power

    In order for something to be a sport, the human body should have to provide the majority of the power put forth. This is the case with all classic sports even those that require extra equipment to play the sport. The majority of the energy expelled during competition comes from the people playing the sport. In car racing, this is not the case. Obviously it is the mechanical parts of a car which can be bought that provides the energy rather than the human body which should be trained.

  • It All Depends On How Physically Straining You Consider It

    I’ll take your arguments one at a time:

    1) “According to the definition... Yes, NASCAR is considered a sport.”

    This according to your interpretation of the definition.

    2) “Since drivers are sitting in a car for 2+ hours, fighting the steering, and control of the car, they are using physical exertion to drive…”

    Well to emphasize your point, they are actually sitting the in the car more like 3-5 hours. And while it is ultimately just sitting, I must say that the inside of the vehicle is quite hot and the drivers are wearing many layers of protective clothing. However, “fighting the steering” and “using physical exertion to drive” is a thing of the past as the cars are now equipped with power steering, making the wheel as difficult to turn as the wheel of the average family sedan. Fighting for control of the car also requires little physical exertion. While it might be difficult to control the car, it is ultimately just a skill, a mentally challenging aspect of NASCAR. Basically, driving NASCAR takes little more physical exertion than driving a regular vehicle but is much more physically straining as the driver must worry about not crashing. By this logic, you must include activities such as chess as a sport. As for the high temperatures, that is just physical endurance. It doesn’t take any physical exertion or athleticism to sit in a sauna for an hour. One does not have to be in shape, however, to drive NASCAR.

    So if we ignore the part about physical exertion (refer to above), the last 2 requirements (skill and competition) are met by many other activities not considered a sport by most people such as chess.

    Another topic for debate similar to this would be considering competitive sailing (my sport) a sport.

  • Were it a sport you could not have women compete directly against men

    Not a sport. Men and women are physically different. If they can compete directly against one another then this means that its not
    really a sport because physical endurance obviously is not a factor.
    If you argue against this then you are saying Danica will NEVER win.
    Which she hasnt.

  • Car is the athlete not the driver.

    Alright what is a sport to me. Something that takes work to perfect your body to perform at peak performance. IE lifting weights, sprinting, shooting a basketball, kicking a soccer ball, catching a football etc. NASCAR drivers literally do none of that. All they would need is either better parts, better cars etc. you could take a guy that sucks at racing give him the fastest car available and he is a sudden contender. Football if you suck it takes you grinding and sacrificing your body slowly to become the best. The sad part is that even fans of the "sport" NASCAR have even told me that they only watch for a crash.

  • I guess all rollercoaster fans are athletes

    I don't care what you say about G's of force on the driver. I have ridden the "Thrill Dragster" rollercoaster in the past and its not all that bad. It launches you at 0-140 in 4 seconds and I could ride that all day and feel no fatigue. Am I an athlete? Well in terms of a Nascar fan I guess I am since I can withstand those GForces. Lol.

  • NASCAR is a Division

    The question here is that of is auto racing a sport? My answer to that is yes, but NASCAR is not a sport. NFL is not a sport, it's a league. Football is the sport. Same story here. NASCAR is a division, auto racing is the sport. That's my 2 cents, take it for what it's worth.

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