• Yes, people die doing it.

    Yes, NASCAR is dangerous, because some race car drivers have met untimely deaths when they have lost control of their vehicles or in other ways have been involved in crashes. It is also dangerous because people model the behavior that they see on NASCAR, and that causes more dangerous driving on the roads.

  • NASCAR Has Crashes All the Time

    Is NASCAR dangerous? Yes it is dangerous. NASCAR has crashes all the time. Drivers get hurt or killed. Even in folks in the pit can be injured. Some of the crashing actually have run up into the stands. It has been known to happen. Famous drivers have died on a turn with their families watching in the stands. How sad! Yes, NASCAR is dangerous. If you go, sit up high in the stands.

  • NASCAR is not dangerous

    NASCAR is not at all dangerous if certain conditions and requirements are met. If the Car is properly serviced and operated then there should be no problems with control. The other drivers should not be wanting to crash their car into other cars. The driver should also be experienced enough that they know what to do in any situation.

  • No, not many people die from it

    Yes there's a lot of crashes, but that way they have so much safety equipment. I only know 14 people who have died in NASCAR and that was before all of the super good equipment came in, so now it's very rare if there's a fatal accident. NASCAR can be a dangerous sport at times but so are other sports like football people in that have life long brain issues because of the hard impacts. I garentee you that there will be no fatal accidents in the next 20 years.

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