• Yes, I believe that NASCAR can currently be classified as too dangerous.

    The danger of NASCAR lies not only with its drivers, but also with attendees watching in the stands. I especially believe there currently exists substantive risks to the lives of those sitting in attendance. If a NASCAR vehicle were to go airborne and penetrate the barrier between the racetrack and stands, such an unfortunate crash would likely result in the deaths of numerous guests.

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  • NASCAR is not too dangerous

    NASCAR is not as dangerous as many sports where the athlete is actually face to face with an opponent and is supposed to make actual physical contact with that opponent. The drivers of NASCAR are very well protected in their cars and are given rules and regulations to follow to make the sport as safe as it possibly can be while being expected to drive 200 mph or more.

  • No, NASCAR is Not too Dangerous.

    NASCAR is not too dangerous. It is less dangerous than driving on the freeway in everyday traffic, and it is even less dangerous than flying in a plane. By buying a ticket to see the event you also are accepting the fact that it may dangerous to be seated where you are. So yes, there are dangers. But, no, it is not "dangerous."

  • NASCAR is not dangerous, it is designed to be safe.

    I think if NASCAR was dangerous, it would already have been banned by now. The drivers are professionals, and they are trained to drive at the speeds and have spend hours practicing. Their cars are also modified to keep them safe in the event anything does happen. Plus the course they drive around in is circular, it can't be that dangerous for them to drive in one direction.

  • Nascar is not too dangerous because the drivers are well aware of all the risks involved before they decide to compete.

    Each driver spends many, many hours practicing before he or she ever competes in a NASCAR race. The drivers make sure they have the best team they can put together. The team works together to take care of the racecar and the driver. No one would ever support a driver who has not put in the effort to become the best and safest driver they can be.

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