• The next rasist movement

    National-Anarchism is a racist movement and it is growing in numbers every year. This is not only happening in one country, but different ones around the world. The demographics of the movement are young and male, who are disillusioned with the way their country has become, This movement is dangerous.

  • Some forms of Nationalism can be racist but National Anarchism isnt

    From what I know of National Anarchism it is a different breed of nationalism to that of typical far right movements. They seem to advocate for Nationalism rather than Supremacy meaning they think all people deserve nationalism. Other nationalists would cry when immigrants come to their country but then support colonialism and think they can go to other people's land. National Anarchism opposes this and would support Palestinian Nationalists and Black Nationalists just as much as they'd support British Nationalism or Confederate Nationalism. There is no hypocrisy or double standards against people of colour that is found in Expansionist Nationalism. In fact I'd say left liberal types who support Nationalist groups such as Hamas, the Kurds, IRA, black panthers etc but who whine when Western people want nationalism are more racist than a national anarchist who believes all groups deserve a homeland.

  • Based on Economics

    Racism, as with any other social movements over the history of the human race, is usually based on economics. Any national-anarchist movement isn't about government control or lack thereof. Most social movements start with those who are poorest and most picked upon in society and then they spread to other echelons of humanity.

  • It is not

    No, this does not have a single thing to do with race. It is all about the government and how the people are wanting to change the government so that it will be better at making good laws and better at treating all of the citizens of the nation fair.

  • No,its not a racist movement

    I am sure it comes from people have little faith in government,We all see where this country is going and in time something serious is coming our way. I think anarchism is just something that they feel the need for because of all the government intervention as of late, its kind of scary what police are doing.

  • No It's Not

    Some people who criticize National-Anarchism attribute racial issues to the groups movement and some cells seem to uphold ethnic difference or encourage segregation. I believe National-Anarchism bolsters a lot of different ideals and beliefs and I would actually say the majority have nothing to do with these topics. I think the major problem is trying to shake the baggage associated with Anarchism.

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