• National-Anarchism is anti-Semitic

    National-Anarchism is anti-Semiticand we as the people of this country should be more then aware of what is happening to it. We could go back twenty years and things have changed a lot since then can we change them again yes will no if we are not aware of the control that we are under.

  • A scary road

    National anarchism is not anti Semitic, but it is against all kinds of people. These people are just trouble makers for all of society and they just want to destroy America and make it into a communist nation. These people need to be stopped by all means and shown no mercy.

  • No, National Anarchism isn't anti-Semitic.

    I do not believe or see anything about National-Anarchism that would make me think that it is anti-Semitic. I do not think that the principles of Anarchism is anything racist. If anything, the only thing it is about is anti-law and anti-government. I think that anybody that believes in that isn't very patriotic.

  • No, not at all.

    National-anarchism simply means that there would be no government control, at all, over anyone. How this could be equated to anti-semitism is way beyond me. Have you seen groups of anarchists parading around, hurling anti-Semitic remarks? I haven't. There are most certainly Jewish anarchists out there as well, also. So no.

  • No It's Not

    While Anarchism has had a hard time shaking it's racists past I do not believe that is a reason to assume that National-Anarchism is anti-Semitic. There may be people that associate themselves with National-Anarchism that are anti-Semitic themselves but that doesn't mean that's true of everyone in the group. One does not define the whole.

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