Is National Health Care Reform the answer to the United States' medical problems?

  • I believe that health care reform can help the problems the U.S. faces in its health care system, because it can help stop corruption.

    Health care reform will stop the corrupt practices that insurance companies use to make money and, thereby, keep Americans healthier. Health insurance companies will have to cover more services that they would normally reject, just to keep profits up. And, they will have to accept people with pre-existing conditions and cover preventive care. They would also not drop someone, just because they have a serious illness. All this would ensure that Americans can get more affordable health care, and be healthier, which will help more Americans get back to work.

    Posted by: TellingWalker59
  • I agree that National Health Care Reform is the answer to the United States' medical problems, because it will reduce the number of uninsured and under-insured Americans.

    A comprehensive National Health Care Reform will solve the United States' medical problems by reducing the number of uninsured and under-insured Americans. The rising number of uninsured Americans is estimated at over 50 million. Allowing children to remain under their parents' insurance until age 26 will help reduce this number. Once everyone is insured, health care reform can focus on making medical bills affordable. As part of the National Health Care Reform, educating and training people to eat healthier and exercise more will also help resolve some of the medical problems and rising costs of medical care.

    Posted by: GlossyCyrus79
  • I agree that the United States is in desperate need of a National Health Care Reform policy because the present system places a major financial burden on too many people.

    The cost of health coverage in the United States is now unaffordable for too many people. The high cost of products and services are burdening employers and employees. The distribution of cost would have to spread out to everyone working in a fairer percentage where no one would get a "free"ride". A governing body which should include unbiased citizens would be needed to be more of a "voice" of the people. If everyone paid their "fair share" it's possible everyone could afford health insurance.

    Posted by: WardNatha
  • National Health Care Reform is a solution to the U.S.'s medical problems because it will allow for more efficient allocation of services.

    Currently, the semi-private, semi-public system favors medical care for people who are wealthy enough to purchase it for themselves, the very old, and the very poor. Young, relatively healthy workers who mostly need preventative care are ignored, while people who are near the end of their lifespan receive the most technologically advanced treatments. Nationalizing health care will allow for services to be directed towards people who only need cheap preventative care, and makes it easier to phase in some rationing of services for those who can benefit the least from them.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • Yes - reform is needed

    Every industrialized nation has health care for its citizens. We have people dying due to the lack of medical care to preempt curable diseases - seems to me the senior citizens like medicare, should we abolish that? Socialized medicine is the only way to take care of our population. Money should not be the basis to remain healthy - and socialized medicine is VALUED everywhere else.

  • I wholeheartedly support reforming the nation's broken health care system although this plan has its flaws because a sick nation is a weak one.

    We need health care reform because without a healthy citizenry we are sure to collapse. Preventive health care is vital, and that is the element that is missing from private plans now. But the biggest flaw to this health plan is that we are still stuck paying a middle man. Take out the middle man - the insurance company - and we might see real savings.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Health care reform is required to correct the ridiculous and dangerous system that currently exists.

    Access to health care is a basic human right and should not be dependent on the amount of money one has or where one works. It is a travesty that Americans regularly go bankrupt due to medical bills. The United States is the only developed nation that does not have some sort of nationalized health care. Also, costs will be decreased if insurance companies are eliminated.

    Posted by: CaIdAnnie
  • ACA is NOT the Answer

    The Affordable Care Act is NOT the answer to America's health care crisis. Fewer than 1 million formerly uninsured people have signed up for this insurance, and many people have lost their health insurance as a result of this abominable law. Insurance costs have increased significantly as a result of the ACA and most people don't even want the insurance it offers.

  • National health care is a joke

    First off, anything run by the government becomes less efficient. Second, national health care could be more corrupt than any other system we have in America. The government will choose from only certain medical providers that are (in the club) with political parties. New medical drugs and medical treatments will be phased out because of cost. The new medical plan wont cover such experimental things, plus it has to go through a board that can take 2+ years. This will be a mess.

  • Everything bad can be traced back to a lawyer!

    Tort reform is the answer to lowering healthcare cost, which would result in lowering insurance rates. Of the supporters 80% of them are poor (democrats) and do not pay ANY taxes anyway. Educate yourselves, read, investigate things before you side up.

  • The current, and hotly debated, Health Reform system is a nightmare or special interests.

    The Health Reform laws enacted recently are going to develop into a full time problem, as more and more insurance companies figure ways around the laws instituted to maintain their profit margins. Health care should not be a for-profit business. The original health insurance companies were not either. The real solution is a nationalized single-payer health care system devoted exclusively to the needs of all the citizens, not just the few who can afford the best care.

    Posted by: GlisteningNelson
  • I oppose National Health Care Reform.

    The government needs to stay out of my doctor's office. When government takes over the free market, we lose our freedom! Doctors having salary caps, people waiting weeks for check ups, and people not getting approved for treatments because it isn't "life threatening" come at the expense of us, the taxpayers. We need to let private sectors pursue economic growth, and leave the government at a very distant arm's length.

    Posted by: MoaningElroy
  • National Health Care Reform is not the answer to the U.S.'s medical problems, because it does not fix the actual issue that caused the problem.

    The biggest problem in the U.S. with the medical system is the fact that there were way too many frivolous lawsuits. This brought up the costs of malpractice insurance which, in turn, brought up the medical costs. Insurance companies then had to create a situation to take care of themselves, and this all ended up being a great big whirlwind. National health care would not fix this, since it would just make doctors less willing to really care anymore, since this reform really hurts them in the end.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • National Health care reform is a good start, but it is far from the final answer.

    National Health care reform helps curb excessive profits by insurance companies at the individual's expense. But unfortunately, it does nothing to curb medical inflation. For that, we would need more emphasis on primary care medicine and chronic disease prevention; malpractice tort reform; and better access and cheaper cost of new technology. Excess medical costs are still the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States, and will continue to do so until we get a public option.

    Posted by: InfamousTad73
  • No, because health care reform will only reduce the role of insurance brokers.

    The Affordable Care Act is not the answer to medical problems. Instead, it tries to force insurance, which has always been seen as a way to help in unforeseen situations, to provide care for services that may not even be necessary. Additionally, the Health Care Reform Act will reduce the role of the insurance broker, who has been very important over the years in terms of educating employers and employees. The result of the Health Care Reform Act will be uneducated consumers, which leads to more expensive medical treatments.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • The federal government is not capable of managing health care, like Medicaid.

    Since 1965 the federal government has deducted money from my income to finance Medicare. Now that I am over 65 and eligible for Medicaid, the federal government charges me over $1,100 per year for Medicaid. I need new eyeglasses, but eyeglasses are not covered by Medicare. I need a hearing aid, but, hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. I need new dentures, but, dentures are not covered by Medicare. This is how the federal government has handled health care in the past, and I feel it is a reasonable projection of how medical care will be handled in the future by the federal government.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • National Health Care Reform is a small step towards America's health care issues, but doesn't go nearly far enough to ensure affordable and quality coverage for all.

    Affordable and quality coverage must absolutely be the goal in order to reform our current health care system. Currently, American's pay the highest per person for health care than any other industrialized country. Strangely though, we have higher infant mortality rates than even Cuba. So, we're paying more, but aren't exactly getting more. I'm in favor of certain portions of the Health Care Reform Bill, such as not allowing insurance companies to to turn down people with "pre-existing conditions". However, I still don't feel it addresses my core belief that everyone must be covered, and no one should have to chose between cancer treatment, and keeping their home. Until we have a nationalized system, none of this will be possible. National Health Care Reform is a step in the right direction, but does not nearly go far enough to ensure affordable and quality coverage.

    Posted by: WackyDel

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