Is national rifle association actually a bad organization ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Want to know something?

    I am a gun-owner. I own a 22. Caliber rife. I love that thing, I would go shooting clay targets and beer cans in the quarry every summer. I am glad we have the second amendment, but I very much despise the NRA. Why? Because the NRA is manipulating our second amendment, treating it like a pit in the ground filled with precious oil. They do not support it, they exploit it, getting guns out to people who shouldn't have them, like criminals and the mentally ill, so they can make a few million bucks. That is no well-regulated militia.

  • It's literally nothing else than just a corruption

    National Rifle Association does bring no benefit to our society.They encourage people even more to own guns.I think it's time to stop advertisement about having guns and we should have more gun control.Now NRA promote students to allow them to carry guns into school which cause more school shooting.WHAT A corruption.

  • The people who own the guns

    What about the people who owns it ? If everyone have an gun then one of them must be totally disturbed people such as the two tennage boy who fire gun into another student at columbine and recently orlando shootings. If they didn't boycott two weapon ban bill this wasn't suppose to happen

  • This organisation is unnecessary

    We should not support NRA because they only promote more people to use guns which lead to more gun violence.School shooting just happen too often in america.I have been in australia, no school shooting has occur since the porth arthur shooting.Gun producers should be in prison or death sentence.Yes it.

  • NRA should be boycott

    NRA organisation shouldn't even be existed in america it's literally an corruption.It only promote and distribute more gun weapon in which only make the matter worse.School shooting and mass murder is on the rise and the NRA aren't even concern at people well being.I have recently heard about oregon shooting.

  • The NRA does do some crazy stuff but it does protect the second amendment and teach gun safety.

    I admire that the NRA tries to protect the 2nd amendment but sometimes they do go a little overboard. For example whenever they say that everyone should always carry a gun. That is just ridiculous. Not everyone in the NRA believes that though. The NRA also provides funding for gun safety classes which I think is very important. If all kids were taught to respect firearms there would be a lot less accidental deaths and suicides. Overall I think their intentions are good even though they do say some ridiculous stuff. I also think that the media portrays them as a lot worse than they really are.

  • Protection of the 2nd Amendment:

    First of all the NRA does not promote giving guns to illegal convicts or past criminal offenders. They support putting guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. This means that they promote the general public being allowed to defend themselves in cases where the police are unable to assist. College shootings are a good example of where this could help because if you have people with guns 1: Potential criminals would be deterred from the area with the knowledge that they could be shot. 2: In the case of a shooting the damage could be stopped much quicker if a law abiding citizen shoots the guy who is killing people. So back to the 2nd Amendment, they are protecting it, and there is nothing wrong with that. If they promote for people to have guns that is not unjustified in terms of the Rights of being an American citizen, they are allowed to because of it.

  • They protect our 2nd amendment, our defense against tyranny

    Stop hiding under your misinformed liberal shells and take a look at history. Here are a few professionals that agree that we need more gun control, and guns in the hands of civilians are dangerous:

    Adolf Hitler
    Joseph Stalin
    Kim Jong Il
    Fidel Castro
    Mao Tse Tung

    The things in common:

    They all murdered millions of people
    They banned guns
    They ruled their countries with an iron fist

    Just look them up if you're not convinced. They had the same liberal ideas on gun control that you have, and they despised freedom organizations like the NRA like you. But you also have to see where that got their people. Think before you ban.

  • No it's an interest group

    Everything the NRA does is well within the bounds of law and it protects the second amendment. It also teaches gun safety. There has been nothing negative contributed by the NRA as it's there as an interest group and to protect the rights of law abiting citizens from the brainwashed liberal hordes violating the constitution.

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