Is national security more important than individual rights?

  • I would rather be safe than argue about my rights and looking innocent.

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  • National Security is more important

    While personal rights are a great thing in America, I think our wellbeing as a whole is far more important. Yes, TSA is annoying, yes we don't like the NSA looking at our stuff. But having these little intrusions around is nothing when compared to what they are protecting us from. I'm not saying we need to be Joseph Stalin security wise, but keeping the citizens in line promotes a healthy nation.

  • individual right and natinal security are both importnant.

    I think that individual rights and national security are both important. But at the sametime we should be more focued on National security. National Security would bring more peace to a national as well as individual. We wouldn't want to see another 9-11 or Boston bombing. If we had more national security i think Individual rights would come along with it.

  • National Security is More Important

    National Security is more important than individual rights because without national security you wouldn't have individual rights. It is the nation's job to protect your individual rights. If the nation can not be protected they will not be able to protect your rights. So national security does have to come first.

  • Freedom and slaves

    Freedom is more important than national security because we left England for freedom and so we will not be dead for saying something bad about the king or the king land and if we did did not leave a lot of people be dead because a lot of people did not like the king back then

  • Without human rights, security would no longer matter

    Think about this: Your phone can be tapped, your social media accounts can be hacked, you're randomly stopped and searched by cops for no reasons other than the fact that you looked like a friggin' terrorist and once you are suspected, they can detain you indefinitely without charge. No one would sympathize with you but you would instead see your faces on headlines and TV news because this is justified on national security. What ridiculous bullshit?

    Let me tell you, THIS tyrannical rule and abuse of human rights IS the national threat, not terrorist attacks. I know that people are entitled to their own opinions but so am I, and I would like to opine that those who believe otherwise are either 1) fooled by the government and the media or 2) too stupid to realize that giving such broad powers to governments to abuse human rights in the name of national security will one day backfire when you find yourself detained indefinitely in some dark cells in Belmarsh.

  • National Security Infringes on our rights

    National Security, although it sounds good, is actually a threat to the rights of americans if used excessively. As America, we live in a country based on rights and privacy of the American people. Although it certainly is important to be secure, privacy outweighs this argument. This is what America was built on

  • Secure freedoms promote a more stable society

    With increases in security comes more instability and more of a freeze in assets. Logistically it is more difficult to make transactions, travel, ship goods and spread diverse information when freedom of speech is seen as an infringement on security instead of vise versa. This breeds racial dissention and inequity between classes, as the lower classes are subject to more and more logistical burden, of which they can afford very little of.

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