Is National Socialism worse or better then Fascism?

Asked by: Pepto
  • National Socialism is worse.

    The polices that were brought on by NS ushered in the second world war, Fascism is the government helping the industry. National Socialism is total control. I know it will be hard for someone to support NS given it's history but I urge someone to do it for this prompt.

  • National Socialism is far better.

    The only reason why people were against it is because it was not beneficial to the banking cartel mobsters that we know are rootless cosmopolitan Jewish internationalists vacuuming resources out of their host nations. National Socialism was a response to the oppressive economic Jewry thrusted upon the Germans. You could not buy a loaf of bread with a million marks. It is due to speculations of currency that caused the downfall of the economy and gave us Weimar Germany, A bastion of degenerate behavior and backdoor dealings behind alleys where pregnant women sold themselves as prostitutes to men just to get by.

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