• Why Not Be Proud

    Most people want the world to get along. That is no reason why people can't be proud of where they come from. Even if they have bad leaders running their country. It is about their friends and family and how they raised them, until they were grown. That is what they should be proud of, with all the culture they instilled in them.

  • Doesn't Happen On It's Own

    I believe nationalism is a good force. Nationalism is patriotic feelings, principles, or efforts. I believe America had experienced times of nationalism in the past, however it is not experiencing it at this time. I think when it is in action it brings people closer together and provides hope for the future.

  • There is nothing wrong with loving your country.

    Yes, nationalism is a good force, because the United States is something to be proud of. The United States is the freest nation in the history of the earth. Being proud of the country helps preserve liberty, and extend that liberty as a light to the ends of the earth. Nationalism brings us together, despite our differences. We can be proud of our country.

  • Nationalism can be good.

    I think that in certain instances nationalism can be a great thign. Nationalism in order to bring a reeling country together is a wonderful and beautiful thing that empowers the entire nation. Nationalism in order to make people do stupid, mean, and evil things is a bad thing. It's all perspective.

  • No, not when carried to extreme.

    Nationalism is nice when it engenders pride in people and helps them identify with certain cultural strengths. However, for most countries it has gotten out of hand and has been carried to extreme lengths. Every country thinks its own is the only one worth something and able to legislate right and wrong. We need to move into a global mentality.

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