• Yes we need nationalism more then ever in Europe

    A country without nationalism is just a landmass with a people group that speaks the same language without a common or a shared goal. Many people struggle with and find a purpose in life for me, Nationalism has given me a purpose and it is and make sure that Norway is still Norway in 100 years and I am willing to lay down my own life and make sure it happens

  • Nationalism Gathers People

    With nationalism, People could unite with one another sharing different pieces of information or skills, For example, Take the medieval time. Nationalism didn't exist at that time so people would fight against each other to gain more knowledge and success so with Nationalism conflict would be more unlikely which is a big advantage for the future

  • Nationalism is excellent

    It gives people a voice to stand with. It appreciates people’s values, And secures a stable future for all aspects of a country’s needs(eg healthcare, Finance) as there are no foreign entities to derive the people from what they want. And with all the low IQ refugees who no nothing other than to rape, Steal and murder. Culture has been fought for over many wars, And to throw that all away just to house some idiots who contest the local hospital over a hamster bite is unacceptable. Take pride in yourself and your heritage!

  • Nationalism is the Blood of the Nations

    Without nationalism, A nation is a cold, Dead, Stone creature; it isn't alive, It doesn't have a face, And it is as meaningful as a geographical area.
    The idea of nationalism doesn't have to be defined to be real, Nor does it need to be conceptualized to be felt or expressed: it is the natural and right response of love for one's land and nation.
    Can nationalism be hijacked? Yes, It can. We have seen it in the past, But just because it has been hijacked before does not mean that it is a bad thing, As some might suggest.

  • Without nationalism, We wouldn't have a country-.

    Without nationalism, We wouldn't have a country- Putting white in front of the word is only done, To make it appear racist, By design, Politically incorrect -Changing the meaning in certain dictionaries has the same purpose. The meaning has never changed, I believe America to be the greatest country on this earth, And I am very proud of that.
    Nationalism- loyalty and devotion to a nation
    especially : a sense of national consciousness (see CONSCIOUSNESS sense 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational (Mirian webster Dictionary original definition)
    tampering with the definition by design to promote hate is a Marxist tactic, , Im not biting,

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  • Nationalism creates belonging and balance.

    First of all, Nationalism brings people together through common goals or ideas. This is especially important in countries like the United States, Where citizens are from all over the globe and often share little in common. With no commonalities, It is a beautiful thing for those to come together and cheer on their country, And the ideas it holds dear.
    Second, Nationalism is the best balance of government in the world. It is practically in the middle between anarchy, In which clans or families are independent and constantly at war with each other, And a central global government, Which would not be disirable. Nationalism provides that balance so that individual nations can seek what is best for their people and hold up the ideas that are dear to them.
    Yes Nationalism can be perversed into being a hatred of other countries, But that is not a realistic interpretation of it. It is a love of your country and it’s people, Which doesn’t have to be at the expense of other countries.

  • One rotten apple spoils the barrel

    We hear one rotten apple spoils the barrel, Thinking of individual countries each as an apple, Then it would be better to preserve and protect the good apples through nationalism rather than let the rotten apples cause decay and destruction of all within an international "barrel".

    However, I also believe you can be supportive of your own sovereign country's national success while also hoping for the independent success of other countries.

  • K then bucco

    Nationalism is like capitalism. It works the best. Saying nationalism is a bad thing id like saying that illegal immigration isn't a problem. Nationalism simple just shows you put you nation in front of others because you believe you should deal with your own problems before you step in to help others. You can also be a nationalist while still supporting other countries.

  • Yessssss whyyyy noooo


  • It makes you think you are better than others and hate people that arent from your country

    I think that a lot of time it makes people hate other nationalities. Yes, its a very good to be proud of your own country, but i feel that often it creates more hate in the world which isnt a good thing. Please tell me what you guys think, thanks!

  • Its homosexual but not for transsexual people

    True that all people that are nationalists are actual homosexual. This is not offenive but simply true. THe party of the brain that belives in unity is the same part of the brain which controls the human sexuality. So if you like nationalism, You like your own country, So you like your own sex, So you are homosexual. You could even call nationalism, Homoalism. But, It does not affect trans people.

  • It seems that many don't know what exactly nationalism is

    To believe that the people of your country are superior to those of other countries is absurd. However, To have more love for those in your nation is not. Nationalism in the sense of the unity of a group a people is wonderful, But the belief that those in that group is superior is ridiculous. Pride and love do not equate to superiority.

  • There's a Difference

    While some may argue that without nationalism countries are nothing. I would agree although if the word was patriotism. I personally believe that the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism is that Nationalism leads to people thinking they are better than other people just because they aren't from their country. Meanwhile Patriotism, I feel, Is supporting your country while not demeaning other people.

  • Nationalism is short sighted.

    In the short term, it can bring people together to overcome a problem or obstacle. But in the big picture, it is divisive and leads to posturing, friction, and war. Since there are those who want to create and maintain a war like posture for selfish benefit, nationalism become nothing more than a device. For those who believe competition is the cause of survival, they neglect that cooperation ultimately overcomes an obstacle or problem. Eventually someday, maybe, the world will come together and learn how to cooperate to insure human survival. Competition is great when it comes to games, one in which some man is making the rules, and winning is a prize. But in terms of survival, it's no game. As long a man continues to consider himself as competing to survive we will have petty animosity and war. Cooperation on Global Scale will be the only way to insure humanities survival.

  • Nationalism is neutral

    Nationalism can be used for bad or good. It can be use for bad, like, people become TOO nationalistic and slowly become facialists instead. Facialism is when someone says, "Oh, your not of my country, so you're scum." However, nationalism can also be used for good. It can boost people's morals or be used to reform a country or nation.

  • Nationalism is not only bad it's absurd.

    Nationalism like communism is a good ideal on paper but it never works as it intends to in actual. It also sets limitation of boundary in people's minds. Imagine…

    A world where nations are not defined by their geographical borders. Rivers are bodies of running water rather than mystical devices of political separation; landmarks do not signify where “our stuff” ends and “your stuff” begins. People can cross such and such mountain or sea without their change in location entailing political offense. People are not stigmatized for being born in a particular place, but are welcomed as participants in said place’s culture. Now pause for a second. What is the difference between the world you are imagining and our actual one?

    The difference has nothing to do with what is actually there in the world. We are the ones that have made up borders and everything they connote; we are the ones who protect ourselves from the horrors of the far away by drawing little lines on our maps. We need to understand and be aware of this fact.

  • Nationalism has leads to bloodshed, and discord.

    Even though nationalism may start off with the hopes of improving lifestyles and working for the good of the people, it always seems to end in calamity and/or carnage and is seen as mostly negative throughout the history of humanity.  Considering the reasons behind the commencement of World War I, Serbian nationalism was a major factor.  The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, constituted as the kindle that started World War I. Nationalism also played a part in starting World War II.  Germany, Italy, and Japan sought the method of expansionism to increase their land mass and gain resources and market. They were working for the good of their countries, yet this seemingly harmless behaviour set the stage for World War II.   The French Revolution which was a vivid demonstration of nationalism in France,  caused  the Reign of Terror. This perspective should be embraced because in these examples given from history, nationalism has led to bloodshed, and discord.

  • Nationalism is tempered self-decption/inception/sean

    George Orwell preached so. Wow 46 more words needed thats such a large requirement who would ever want to type on this website i think its a terrible system, just like nationalism. 18 more words to go hang with me one two three for five seex seven eight nine ten yas i did it gonna press submit now!

  • Nationalism causes people's pride to develop into feelings of a master race leading to devastating events like war.

    When diverse people are forced together, their identity is lost, along with their culture. The people do not assimilate into a melting pot, even though they cannot remain an inconsistent salad bowl. The result is usually a sloppy, weak patch-work quilt, made from scraps, but inevitably falls apart after too much abuse. Sometimes people even lose their Natural Rights to life, liberty, and property (John Locke) because the general will may contradict the desires and rights of the minority, threatening the stability of the states with rising tensions. As the region becomes increasingly strained for unity, people become defensive, either of their origin or the identity of their new homeland. This leads to outbreaks which can spiral into full-fledged warfare, since the newly developed feelings of unity enacts a role of self-protection. Examples of these outbreaks are the Greek War of Independence (1821–28), WWI, and WWII. As the unrest unfold, a feeling of superiority emerges, sprouting racism which develops among the people. These people are not evil; they are acting in the most primal way - self-preservation before all else. They are only trying to form an identity, since they have been thrust through drastic changes, striping the population of everything they knew, and now it is time to strengthen their new home. Is there another option?

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