Is native language still important when English is the most used universal language?

Asked by: Chassil
  • English is not the most spoken language.

    Given that English isnt even the most commonly spoken language I'm gonna go with a hard no. (Hint: Chinese is a thing)
    Other than the fact that that is just blatantly inaccurate, it is important to not be blinded by what is seen as standard withing the western world, largely what makes our planet such an interesting and beautiful place is all the of its rich cultures that are so very different but still so very human. If we all lived the same, spoke the same, lived in the same kinds of housing, hand the same cultural traditions, the world would be a very dull place. (Travelling would hoenstly be pointless in a world like that)

  • Yes, it is Culturally

    Language is part of the heritage of every region. It is wrapped up in the identity and history of any given region, and thus should be preserved and cherished as a unique regional symbol. Science show us that our language influences the way we think, too, and thought patterns influence culture. So, there is a back-and-forth link.

    Posted by: bsh1
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