Is NATO a relic: Is the NATO decision-making system viable?

  • Yes the NATO decision making system is still viable.

    The NATO decision making system is still viable in toady's world as it is keeping the peace between many countries and forcing a sort of stand still in upgrading and using more sophisticated weapons on other non technological advanced countries. It is still in action today and is still working to keep countries from declaring war and trying to find more peaceful answers to their strife.

  • UN, EU Taking Over

    It's not 1945 anymore. In an era with rapid deployments, overseas bases and fast airplanes, there is no need for the common defense force of NATO. The United States Armed Forces, coupled with the European Union and the United Nations, have plenty of firepower that can be brought to bear in a crisis situation that requires military intervention. NATO should be a coalition of European countries now, not countries on the western side of the Atlantic.

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