Is NATO's bolstering of defenses indicative of a looming crisis in Eastern Europe?

  • World Peace In Europe.

    To have peace with other countries, would mean less enemies. We need to start pulling together as a world, instead of fighting for everything. It could be all simple if everyone would understand the precious moments of life. There is so much that we all can help each other with, instead of wars.

  • Putin won't be stopped.

    Yes, NATO's bolstering of defenses is indicative of a looming crisis in Eastern Europe, because Putin wants to take the Ukraine over and nothing is going to stop him. A lot of people think that the Ukraine should be Russian. Until NATO builds up forces to respond, Putin is just going to keep taking it over.

  • NATO is showing all that they take Eastern Europe concerns seriously

    NATO has not intent to become involved and is only bolstering defenses in the area to show they understand the magnitude of the the situation and will uphold the interest of all people. Inhancing security in the area does more to promote peace than it does to create conflict in the area.

  • It is more of a warning.

    I do not think that NATO bolstering defences in Eastern Europe is in itself an indication of a looming crisis. I think it is being done more to prevent a crisis even starting, by making it clear to the Russians that NATO and the West does not intend to back down against any further aggression.

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