• Relaxed hair exposes people to harsh chemicals

    Natural hair is logically better than colored, bleached or other forms of unnatural hair. Yes it is natural like organic food, homemade wine and hemp clothes but chemicals are not worth it. We are exposed to all kinds of harsh poisons from our food and cosmetics. In fact you can braid hair instead of perming it. Braids are chemical free obviously. Not to mention the fact that many naturally straight haired people perm their hair as well. Both perms and relaxers use the same poisons. Guys should also stop taking steroids to build their muscles. Bodybuilding without steroids is worth it. So is styling hair without chemicals or dyes. Should we ban relaxers? Absolutely not! But we should be aware of what we are putting into our bodies everyday. Chemicals are everywhere but being proactive is the most important thing to living sane.

  • Natural Hair Beats Relaxed Hair

    Of course, relaxed hair is modified by chemicals to be easier to manage. These chemicals aren't always safe for prolonged use, so natural hair is always better than relaxed hair. Many people with curly hair use relaxers, but they rely upon them far too often and face issues later with their hair.

  • Yes, natural hair does not conform to beauty standards.

    Relaxing hair only conforms women of color to sexist beauty standards, forcing them to stifle their true identities in order to meet some sort of unattainable, white-based idea of beauty created by a misogynistic culture. Natural hair displays pride in one's culture and authenticity. Unless the relaxed hair is only due to a desire for personal reasons and not to conform to cultural standards, it is never better than natural hair.

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