• Agree with the resolution

    Natural selection is survival of the fittest, and the fittest will create an offspring which will later continue to have that trait. When the whole population has the certain trait, evolution is occured. If natural selection never occured, then things wouldnt evolve at all and would probably go icstinct. Natural selection is a major part of evolution, so big that it can qualify as evolution itself

  • Natural Selection Includes Changes from Mutation, Genetic Drift, etc.. Essentially It Is Evolution.

    Charles Darwin wrote on Natural Selection and essentially Evolution and Natural Selection are interchangeable, because the changes arise from genetic mutation/drift/recombination and the environment ( predators, atmosphere, nutrition sources, temperature, etc..) tests the Survival Fitness of these changes. Thus Natural Selection is synonymous with Evolution, which is the result and processes of millions of years of Natural Selection. Making it the main mechanism of Evolution, but changes need to happen for natural selection to function, those changes often come from Mutation and Genetic Recombination ( a product of sexual reproduction), then Natural Selection acts sort of like a Fitness Filter.

  • Survival of the Fittest

    Natural selection is part of evolution in that animals naturally select what traits get passed on thanks to mating. Males find certain females, at least in mammals, to procreate based upon who is strongest and fastest. The weaker males and females are weeded out because it is assumed they will get eaten or die younger due to disease. Natural selection is nature's way of ensuring only the strong survive to pass on their genes, which is exactly what evolution does.

  • It's a part of evolution.

    Saying that natural selection is evolution is like saying that peanut butter is a pb&j sandwich. Natural selection is observable, whereas most other parts of evolution aren't. Natural selection causes slight evolution by the definition of the word, but not by definition of the idea known as evolution. I need two more words.

  • Not the Same

    Just because the stronger organism survives doesn't mean that is Evolution. Evolution is a simple one celled organism mutating enough, adding new genetic information, and pure luck coming into what we have today. It is a non-sequitur that Darwinists push as proof that we came from soup. You have to prove Evolution by seeing the consistency in the fossil record, to which I believe that there is not enough. No one should vote yes if they are informed.

  • Natural selection is a part of the Theory of Evolution.

    Natural selection is one of the basic mechanisms of evolution, along with mutation, migration, and genetic drift.

    From Wikipedia:
    "Natural selection is the gradual process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of the effect of inherited traits on the differential reproductive success of organisms interacting with their environment. It is a key mechanism of evolution."

  • There's a difference between Adaptation and Evolution

    You need to distinguish the difference between Adaptation and Evolution. Adaptation is the change in the genetic material due to environmental influences which is then passed on to future descendants.
    Evolution is the time period that it has happened with a variety of individuals that share that same adaptation.
    Natural selection can only occur in adaptation.
    And Darwin himself quoted that it's not the 'fittest' that survives but rather those who are more willing to adapt to their environment.

  • Although they are slightly similar, they are not one in the same

    Natural selection is when an organism fails to meet the requirements of survival in its environment, and thus fails to reproduce. Evolution is when the traits of an organism chainge on a genetic level so that said organisms are better suited to survive in their environment and procreate. While they may seem similar, they aren't the same thing.

  • No. This is moronic.

    Look. Evolution is the process by which species change over time. Natural selection is basically, those with the genes more suited for their current environment will be more likely to survive and produce children. While evolution can be driven by many factors, usually natural selection is the driving factor. NS is a process that causes evolution to occur,

  • Are toast and butter the same thing? No.

    But they go well together. By the way, survival of the fittest doesn't mean physically fittest, it means best adapted to their surroundings. Natural Selection works in tandem with Evolution, but they are still different. Evolution is how things change as their offspring are different, Natural selection is how much of an advantage they get because of that variation. Biology.

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