• What is this even.

    Um, yes nature is a living thing. Everything is alive. I don't know how else to make this clearer but I need 50 words for this so I'm just going to keep going. The dirt is alive with micro-organisms. TREES. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THOSE. THEY ARE SO ALIVE THEY GROW OVER TIME.

  • No nature is not just about living organisms.

    Why are photons produced when electrons fall from a higher energy level into a lower one? Why does the higgs field exist? Why is the universe still expanding?

    Because that is nature. Yes it is quite a physics themed answer but physics is a form of science; a way of explaining the world we live in.

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philochristos says2013-11-25T20:44:51.287
It's hard to answer this without an article. Did you mean "Natural is A living thing," or did you mean "Nature is THE living thing," or what?