• The Nebraska Cornhusker football team is poised for a strong 2016

    The Nebraska Cornhusker football team will have a strong season in 2016. The team averages 32.8 points per game, as opposed to their opponents with only 27.8 points per game. For the past 100 years, the Cornhuskers have participated in the Big Eight Conference and more recently, the Big 12 Conference, with 46 conference championships. It is one of the best teams around.The team will continue to be strong if it works on its defensive play.

  • Cornhusker Powerhouse Set for Great Things in 2016!

    The Nebraska Cornhuskers stand to have a wonderful 2016 season. After last year's season, the 2016 season should shape up really well. With coach Mike Riley at the helm, and an awesome team behind him, the Cornhuskers are going to take that football field by storm! With a long history of doing just that this season's team will just add to the glory!

  • Collins leaving is a big blow

    I don't believe that Cornhusker football is poised for a great 2016. With Collins leaving to take part in the NFL draft, I think that the team will be demotivated. While a new player can bring in new blood and energy, I think that the time taken for this player to bed in will affect the team.

  • I don't think so

    The Nebraska football programming is trending in the wrong direction. I don't think they are poised for a strong 2016. They play in a conference with Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Iowa. The conference is very strong and I don't think you can expect much improvement from Nebraska in that conference.

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