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  • No, it is a reactionary response.

    Neo conservatism is a movement that tries to go back to opinions that were long ago proved to be reactionary and unhelpful to move society along. Without sufficient critique, it can easily turn into a form of fascism or racism that seeks to preserve resources only for those it deems worthy.

  • Not Fully Defined

    I do not believe neoconservatism is a coherent political ideology. I believe it lacks a through definition and it also lacks clear adherents as people are usually labeled neoconservative by outsiders. Although the term seems to be used as far back as the 50's it has never really been considered a clear political ideology outside of conservatism.

  • No, it's not.

    Neoconservatism doesn't seem to work. I don't believe that it is a coherent or rational political ideology. I think that they focus way too much time and money on going to war and on an already astronomically high defense budget. They don't care much about the infrastructure of our country or the social programs to help the citizens.

  • There's nothing coherent about neocons.

    Neoconservatism, just like the rest of the conservative movement, has nothing coherent about it. It's just another word for mentally unstable adults acting like selfish six year olds, though these days they like to call themselves libertarians. Like Republicans and angry old white men, neocons are demographic that we'll soon no longer see.

  • Neoconervatism is dangerous.

    The world has seen what a powerful neoconservative government can and will do. The Bush administration is a prime example of such. Firstly there is a lot of loss and as a result the loss of human life. Wars aren't paid for. Currencies fail. And the world starts to feel the head from neocon governments.

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