• Net neutrality is the future

    Net neutrality is the best possible way of governing the Internet - or should I say NOT governing the Internet whatsoever. There are governments and corporations battling to have control over the system, but it should be respected for the sovereign state that it is and not be under any form of control.

  • Yes, net neutrality is a good things.

    I definitely think that net neutrality is a good idea. I think that the Internet should be allowed to operate without any interference by governments or politicians. Unless there are some illegal activities on the Internet, then the material on it should be considered free speech. Net neutrality is a form of democracy.

  • Yes, it is

    What is the purpose of the internet if we can't navigate it without fearing for our safety, our privacy, or being able to view legal things that we desire to? The loss of net neutrality is the loss of a large portion of what makes the internet great, the ability to have so many things at your fingertips.

  • Yes, of course it is.

    Net neutrality is one of the best ideas we can have on a global scale at this juncture. The availability of information and knowledge is very powerful, and we should all have access to every bit of it. The censor the internet, in my mind, is a bit like the burning of books.

  • Yes, net neutrality is a good idea.

    Net neutrality is the idea that all traffic moving through the internet should be delivered at speeds unregulated by those who control the data flow. There is a conflict of interest if the person with this control is able to use it to charge higher rates to competing content providers or slow traffic to sites which differ from their own views.

  • Nope nope nope.

    I hate net neutrality. I hate it i hate it i hate it!!!
    The reason I hate it is becoz liek im so rich, and all deez peasnuts are paying littl monee for dat netfliks
    Anyway, with no net nueaturalituy, we wont habe peasnets on the internet and yah so, only rich pople will have da netfliks. I hav te tiop quiality educatoin! Smartos people wast money since they aint peasints.

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